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One cannot free the body without freeing the mind.

eClinik has evolved from being just an alternative health care provider to a strong advocate for Global Psychological Change. This undesirable system, that we are still in today, is self-perpetuating in its corruption of all existing institutions.

Indeed, the Mind is the battleground and it is where the Revolution should begin.

To serve this end, we have been directing our clients and guests to the most reliable sources of information and provide our own proverbial two cents about the relevant issues of the day through this blog.

We have also published an eBook titled Towards Healthcare Emancipation discussing how one can replicate the methods we are using at eClinik that would negate the use of useless and deadly vaccines, expensive antibiotics, radioactive diagnostics and other regressive treatments.

It is in your best interest to inform yourself proactively rather than be served patently adulterated mainstream media trash.

We are happy you have found us. Should you have any concern, please use the Contact Us form and we’ll be glad to respond accordingly.

YOU CAN HELP: If you find something useful here, please show your appreciation by purchasing our eBook on Alternative Healthcare. The long term plan includes providing FREE alternative healthcare services to the poor. We are using the right technologies, but we don’t have the financial backbone to support its charitable operations and sustain the effort.

Also, we would like to point out that we will not respond nor accept any contributions from donors who have religious or political agenda and other strings attached to their contributions. We provide healthcare solutions, not public relations. We are spiritual but not religious; social conscious yet apolitical.

Thank you very much.

Getting There…

We are located at Stall #56 Public Market, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte, Philippines.

For International Clients, you can take a flight for Manila, Cebu or Davao. From Manila or Davao, take another flight for Tacloban City thru Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. Then take a bus or GT Express (10-seater van, faster) for St. Bernard, Southern Leyte. From Cebu, take a sea vessel for Bato or Sogod (tickets are available at Pier 3). Then take a bus or GT Express for St. Bernard, Southern Leyte.

Another option for Davao clients is to take a Bachelor Express Bus for Silago, Southern Leyte. Disembark at St. Bernard.

MyeClinik is an aggressive program aimed at proliferating eClinik Alternative Healthcare Outlets all over the planet. This is to spread healthcare freedom among all peoples of the Earth. You are free to use any copyrighted materials we are using at eClinik. Just don’t use the name in vain.

These methods are paradigm-shifting, you need to have an open mind to understand it all. When precautions are properly observed, said treatments will provide decisive resolution to all ailments that one may be suffering from. This is a huge departure from the “cancer and AIDS are incurable” mindset.


We are also providing free email assistance during your implementation of the project in your own community.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to suffer from any incurable disease. We can help our body cure all of them!

Together, we will stop Eugenics and the parasites that are enforcing it.

Revert to Good Science and you will soon be free from all forms of fear.

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13 thoughts on “About MyeClinik

  1. Sirs, I have a very serious question to ask, why hasn’t this website posted any news about the Keshe Foundation? They have solved every issue you bring up in this website. Free energy, self sufficiency, food production, virtually everything. They designed and are manufacturing a plasma power generator and are now selling them to the world. Please check it out on get on the band wagon for peace in the world.

    1. Have you tried them already, Ron?

      We can’t recommend anything that we haven’t tested first hand.

      1. Respectively, your seemingly dismissive reply doesn’t respond in any positive way to Ron’s “sensible comments” which you invite! I had the same thought about possible compatibility with the Keshe Foundation’s aggressive initiative. Recommend consideration of some cooperative endeaver with them if appropriate to strengthen your efforts to help humankind.

        1. And have you bought one Dick? I think their reply is very appropriate … tell you what, why don’t both you and Ronald split the cost of one and have it shipped directly to eClinik Learning, consider that one of your efforts to help humankind. I do know that so-called free energy devices have been thought up and built and then locked away by the powers that be … I don’t know that the Keshe device is one of them because, sadly 1. it hasn’t been locked away. 2. I haven’t tested it myself. 3. It might be a scam to part more money from well intentioned people. Last time I checked the total cost was about 1,000 euro including the peace dividend … That’s only about $500 euro from each of you. I am looking forward to you and Ronald collaborating on this project and seeing the results I believe eClinik Learning would surely release to the public.

      2. Hi, I am interested in your ebook. Does it cover how to detox the body from chemtrail aerosols (toxic nano aluminium, barium, uranium etc)? Thanks for your efforts!

        1. It’s a complete protocol, Lucia.

          The answer to your question is already mentioned at this page… https://eclinik.net/

    2. Ron, have you bought one yet?

    3. Please investigate Keshe carefully and you will find that it is a scam.

  2. Could you please check if your payment buttons are working for the E Book. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much for the heads up, Noel.

      It’s working now.

  3. Hello, Has anyone heard of Robert G Smith and Healing Modality called Faster EFT? He has over 1,000 free video’s on his YouTube channel called “healing magic” it’s all about Meridian Tapping, NLP and seems to be working pretty well. Definitely well worth checking out.

  4. Hello, it’s very impressive how far you went with this kind of research. I’m definitely considering make a turn out in my life with this knowledge.
    Have you translate all the documents to another language, ie. spanish, portuguese?
    Did you want some help with this?
    I’m willing to evolve myself with anything useful for human kind and I would like to replicate this to many more people.

    Thank you for so valuable information.

    1. Hi Marcelo:

      Feel free to translate our work in any languages you are familiar with.

      The more people we can wake the hell up, the merrier.


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