Overview: Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x

The Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x eBook is designed to provide a complete picture of the conventional healthcare industry with its inherent problem areas, and present very potent alternative solutions.This book answers the questions: why the mainstream medicine has advanced so well only in the field of diagnostics but never in curative; why, in spite of the huge annual budget for research, finding cure for cancer and AIDS was, and still is, never in sight.The solutions presented herein are syntheses of ideas coming from those who have spent their lifetime searching for answers to these same questions. Some of you may have heard of them subjected to ridicule, and unceremoniously stripped out of doctorate licenses, among others, for refusing to toe the establishments’ line. This book is here to let them know that their efforts were not in vain.

Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x contains:

  • Chapter 1 Precautions lays the groundwork by emphasizing the importance of detoxification and abstinence from more toxic chemicals;
  • Chapter 2 The True Power of Cognition illustrates the importance of using our inherent cognitive abilities and provides some proofs of its true worth;
  • Chapter 3 Inconvenient Facts explains why these treatment protocols that you are about to learn are not available in mainstream healthcare institutions;
  • Chapter 4 Life Simplified gives you a good overview of the real nature of the physical world we live in and that of life itself;
  • Chapters 5 Defeating All Disease & Chapter 6 Neutralizing Parasites are the meat of the whole banquet: fully illustrated, step by step instructions on how you will be able to defeat any parasitic disease in the least amount of time and money, and at the comfort of your own home;
  • Chapter 7 The Healthy Lifestyle suggests how to keep a healthy lifestyle;
  • Chapter 8 Beyond the Protocol departs from the basic protocol and take you to the bigger picture of the well-being of the mortals;
  • Chapter 9 Beyond Healthcare departs from the subject at hand and take you to the bigger picture of the well-being of the planet itself,  and;
  • The Appendix shows support data not detailed in the main text but is discussed  in this section with more rigor. You should also check the Patent Section here to verify that we are talking with credible hard facts.

The eBook is carefully designed both in terms of aesthetics and as a guide book, i.e. flow of information is well coordinated, scientific terms and concepts are significantly simplified, and generously supplemented with pertinent diagrams and illustrations.

Overall, the full appreciation of this book should spur action and, consequently, emancipate the mind and body.

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2 thoughts on “Overview: Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x

  1. eclinik is a pretty amazing compilation of information and healing including the unveiling of political corporate agendas designed by the Globalists to feed their financial monopolies at all costs – in fact the greater the soft and quiet slaughter of many more millions of lives the more excited the elite become in their psychopathic addictions to become autistic Demi Gods in order to earn the right to somehow harness, distort and terraform the forces of nature without compassion, without common sense under the Luciferian umbrella of a death culture posing as a benevolent science.

    I personally choose the science of the Christ Consciousness, which is a win win and far more loving and delightful beingness. Lucifer’s experiment is failing – there is no saving or salvaging that which creates abuse and suffering and does not take into account the greatest good of all beings concerned.

    Lucifer’s new world order is doomed to collapse on the dung heap of all of the mass murderers and tin pot dictators. In a way this darkness is awakening people to who they are to rise and stand up inside of their authentic selves and as they walk in the world the collective rising up shall use every increase in tyranny as fuel to rise higher, closer and stronger within their true essence as free, magnificent beings here to do good.because we are good.

  2. I have offered this many times yet still no response.The indigenous world at the highest spiritual levels is asking for a collaboration with the scientific world in order to create a new paradigm. See: Crossing The Indigo Bridge at: incfworld.org under projects…Reset consciousness, reset the direction of the human race.


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