Towards Healthcare Emancipation 3.x – Premium Edition [PDF]


If you want to know how to implement the eTherapy Protocol on your own, this will be your indispensable guide. Know the principles of off-grid healthcare from someone who has not been to the drugstore for the last 10 years. Caution: People with political and religious sensitivities need not buy this material. 50+MB filesize – can’t be downloaded to your mobile devices.


Cancer is not a death sentence. It is curable, just like all other illnesses, with simple common sense methods, and not with highly toxic chemical compounds, or invasive surgery.

There are already patented methods that when applied holistically will provide a more decisive countermeasure against cancer and similar immune system diseases. Shown below is a snapshot of one of those patents, and particularly, this one is issued for a method that will neutralize all pathogens and viruses using electrical forces in the stocks of blood that are already in our blood banks today.

We have adopted the same logic to treat our bloodstream noninvasively in order to restore the full integrity of the autoimmune system so that it can fight off cancer and all viral or parasitic infections decisively.

How does it help eliminate Cancer?

One of those critical systems that have been defeated causing the cancer to manifest is the autoimmune system.

Restoring the immune system doesn’t require us to know about the exact nature of its parasitic infection, especially with the smart use of electric current.

The precise application of electric current directly on the patient to “attenuate” any parasite or virus in situ will eventually reduce the parasitic population in the bloodstream.

Medical experts are fully aware that when the bloodstream is freed from these parasites and viruses, more than 2000 types of neuropeptides are regenerated, effectively restoring the full integrity of the autoimmune system. That is how cellular dysfunction, i.e. cancer, is defeated.

Once the immune system is fully restored, all infected organs will also be freed from their own parasitic infections, and will start to function normally, when their tissues are repaired through another inherent faculty called auto-regeneration.

Once the organs are fully restored, this will in turn lead to another positive development of the full restoration of homeostasis.

Homeostasis, is the collective function of all the organs in our body to maintain a stable condition. For example, if the bloodstream is acidic, the pancreas will produce more bicarbonates to bring it to alkalinity. Since the parasites prefer an acidic environment, we can eliminate most of them by simply eliminating acidity in the bloodstream and tissues.

You will learn more about the best strategies in combating cancer and all other illnesses from this latest premium version of the eBook.

Once your system is properly setup and ready for use, you won’t be spending too much resource for its continued operation. Battery recharging may only contribute a few pennies to your monthly bills.

The methods described in the eBook are much simpler to understand, cheaper to implement and more effective, too, during actual treatment scenarios, as you will find them soon.

Anti-Viral System Benefits & Advantages

  • non-chemo, non-toxic, no long-term side-effects
  • non-herbal, non-consumable
  • non-invasive, no blood contamination
  • non-regressive, decisively effective
  • transparent results, verifiable in 2-3 months
  • do-it-yourself, complete privacy, no discrimination
  • low overall costs, no financial risks

Other very notable benefits

When protocol is used beyond the treatment of primary ailments, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Restoration of physical symmetry
  • Full hair restoration
  • Normalization of weight
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Quick healing and less scarring from open wounds
  • Better skin texture
  • Eradication of offensive odor and bad breath
  • Reduces discomforts associated with menstruation
  • Enhances reproductive health, i.e. may eliminate impotency

eBook Features

  • easy to follow
  • fully illustrated
  • step-by-step instructions
  • patented technologies (US Patent copies are available on the Appendix B)
  • even non-techie can do it
  • project support through private email
  • 100% money-back guarantee, 120 day coverage
  • strict non-disclosure policy

If your confidence fail on you, we have a professional version of the device that is showcased in the eBook that is ready to go!


Due to the uncompromising efficiency of using electric current to neutralize all types of parasites and viruses, which should result to a very high volume of toxic neutralized adversaries trapped in the liver and kidneys, you are required to start slowly, i.e. short treatment duration on the first two weeks, or so, depending on the actual severity of your condition. Gradually increase the treatment duration only when signs of detoxification failure, as described in the eBook, are not present.

Drink generous amounts of ozonized water daily. At least 95% of your own body is made up of water. So, just by drinking ozonized water alone you already win the battle. Electrocute the parasites and you’ll win the war. Otherwise, don’t purchase this eBook if you are not willing to do so.

Detoxification failure leads to permanent liver and kidney damage. Be responsible.

Minimum ozonized water daily intake: 3.7 liters for men; 3.3 liters for women. Alternatively, drink one glass for every 10lbs. of body weight.

The patient should fully understand that the single most important component of the whole protocol is efficient detoxification and must be fully committed to its orderly implementation. Otherwise, the whole exercise would be a total failure even before it is started.


Governments are Corporations. The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC], otherwise known as the Admiralty Law, commonly known as Corporate Laws that govern most countries today prohibit us from making any therapeutic claims. Fortunately, we don’t need to do so.

The key to the successful implementation of this protocol is the removal of all toxins including those that resulted from parasite electrification, i.e. neutralized parasites, prior to the next treatment session. The accumulation of neutralized parasites in your liver and kidneys will lead to permanent organ damage, that could be avoided by drinking generous amounts of ozonized water to detoxify your body as absolutely required.

Obviously, we can’t do the detoxification for you. Start slowly, i.e. short time durations for electrification during the initial stage. Short electrification time means less volume of neutralized parasites. Be responsible. You are now in full control of your own health.

If you have fully understood and have agreed with the foregoing discussions, faithfully followed and performed the necessary procedures as described herein and in the eBook, Towards Healthcare Emancipation 3.x – Premium Edition, you will be the one making those therapeutic claims soon.


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