How to download my eBook?

You can download the eBook right after you have made your payment. You will be redirected to the download page after your payment is made. You should not close your browser before you have completely downloaded your file.

If you are not redirected to your download page, please check the inbox of the email address you’re using to complete the transaction.

Please choose either of the following:

  • HR: high resolution file » File 1
  • LR : low resolution file » File 2


  1. Please find and click your download link at the Available Downloads Section.
  2. You have two option files: low resolution [LR] version and high resolution [HR] version.
    • High Resolution [HR] version is readable by most PDF readers and is highly recommended; Bigger filesize takes more time to download.
    • Old PDF readers may not be able to read the low resolution [LR] version. But it is made available for low internet connection speed.
  3. Clicking directly on the download link will force the eBook to display on your browser, which may take several minutes. Until then, the browser will display a blank page, which may cause you anxiety.
  4. The BEST WAY TO DOWNLOAD your eBook is to:
    1. Right-click on the download link to access the context menu;
    2. Click on the Save as… menu item, then;
    3. When the Save as dialog box appears, choose the Desktop to where you will save your eBook, then;
    4. Click OK to save the pdf file. The eBook will download on the background. To monitor your download progress, you can view it thru the Download submenu of your browser. You should see your eBook at your Desktop when downloading is finished.
  5. Download links will expire after 2 days.
  6. If download links are missing, just reload/refresh that page.
  7. If your download attempts are unsuccessful, try downloading the file [40Mb] late in the evening when less users are online.
  8. When all else fail, try to contact us immediately.

Thank you very much!