If this is effective against AIDS and cancer, why is it not discussed in the media?

Who owns the mainstream media?

Who advertizes in the mainstream media?

Are those corporations willing to shut their chemical manufacturing plants down just so they could turn perpetual healthcare customers into happy, medically independent, healthy individuals?

Would the entire healthcare industry willing to depart from their huge investments on medical diagnostic equipments and elaborate laboratories in favor of a low cost, portable, more accessible, and highly effective solution?

Are the healthcare workers willing to be terminated from work once the healthcare industry starts closing their hospitals and drugs manufacturing plants down?

What you’re looking at is a real conflict between technological advancement and the profit oriented socioeconomic system.

The protocol described in our book is absolutely not compatible with the healthcare industry as it is today. That is why it never made itself to the 6 o’ clock news.

But you can have it now, if you have the will to detach yourself from the profit oriented system. You have a choice. Choose wisely.