What are the signs of detoxification failures?

These are the signs that you have not detoxified properly, i.e. liver and kidneys are not cleaning the body due to clogging caused by liquid starvation:

    • headache
    • flu-like fever,
    • skin rashes,
    • skin eruptions,
    • jaundice,
    • joint and musclepain,
    • body aches,
    • sore throat,
    • general malaise,
    • sweating, chills,
    • nausea or
    • other symptoms.

The irony to this is that, while we can not force the client (you or your patient) to drink generous amount of water, it is during these stages when they would thought that things are getting worse.

Even the use of ozonizer further aggravates this scenario because they will be thinking that every glass of ozonized liquid they’re taking into their stomach is more potent than before, and so they will drink less.

It is therefore our view that if you want to achieve a much faster resolution to all ailments you might have, it is imperative that you must help your liver and kidneys in the detoxification process by drinking a minimum of 14 or more glasses of water per day, absolutely ozonized. Otherwise, a permanent damage on these organs can be expected.

You have been warned.