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Off-grid living is never complete without your own off-grid healthcare system

Recent events have exposed many uncomfortable issues used to be only discussed in private conversations, or in the dark corners of our society. If we will not do something, we will continue to be a captive consumer of a highly corrupted global healthcare system today.

Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and the medical community at large constitute a monolithic entity, for whom we trusted our lives so dearly, has been fully coopted by corporate profiteers to do things unethical in more ways than we could have ever imagined, for more than a century since the Rockefeller Foundation started financing the American Medical Association in 1913. 

Did Fauci fund gain of function research at the Wuhan lab?

Let’s review the statements and evidence. 🔥🔥🔥@elonmusk

Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) archived tweet

That fact is every evident during the height of the COVID19 pandemic where no one from the medical community, except those few notable veterans from the field, actively questioned the stupid protocol of wearing faceshields and facemasks to stop the spread of the virus.

The sophistication of how bribes can be laundered through a publication of a new book is fairly well established, and the outright public display of the revolving door policy between regulating agencies and the regulated, are so hard to miss.

Operators like these from the biggest investment houses on the planet, which practically own the majority stocks in the entire pharma-chemical industry, have conscripted the best minds in the field of genetic engineering, and virology, to study and develop the best methods of forcing the individual’s total dependence on everything they manufacture and sell.

Together with the big tech companies that are themselves funded by the same big investment houses, and the legacy broadcast media, they’ve not only influenced public opinion, but effectively control the whole narrative through active suppression of contrasting opinions from real experts, all without any qualms whatsoever about who gets hurt from the actions that they’ve taken.

They have organized a formidable organization to control how the public is stimulated to act in fear, to accept without question all State-mandated protocols as legislated by the equally inept, ignorant public servants, who have conveniently forgotten that their authority emanates from their sworn duty to serve, protect and uphold public interests to the best of their ability, at all times. 

They are now moving into legalizing the issuance of vaccine passports.

The QR Code based global mass tracking system, in conjunction with the travel required vaccine passport, make sure that everyone is absolutely reliant on the  goodwill of for-profit pseudo-healthcare companies with their emergency-licensed experimental mRNA injections, and anybody contemplating dissent has nowhere to hide. They are, in fact, expecting us to respond in an aggressive way thereby warranting the use of police powers of the State to confine us inside an actual concentration camp, all built with our own taxes. 


We can do better than just wasting our time aggressively expressing our opposition to all the mindless policies instituted just to “flatten the curve.” Instead of organizing street protests, scream and shout like madmen, which they don’t pay attention to anyway, we can choose to ignore their existence altogether, and go directly to the solutions that we all have already access to, yet may not be aware of.

Understand that we now have access to the best technologies that will provide us with total immunity from infections and enjoy longevity itself:

  • The most effective and low cost antiviral and antiparasitic protocol that could protect us from existing and future pandemic;
  • Detoxification protocols which will help reduce the biological waste load that we can’t efficiently get rid of through the liver and kidneys;
  • A method to revitalize “dead cells” that have become highly toxic, i.e., oxidant free radicals, and turn them into plain water!

Together, and with the right approach to healthcare, we can make these insatiable profiteers and everything they do irrelevant!

Key Knowledge

You don’t need to be a professional medical practitioner to be able to implement an effective healthcare program right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

By deliberately dumbing down the population through the perpetual broadcast of mindless programs, they were able to control our reactions to any stimuli, e.g. recent pandemic lockdown. Yet if one studies the human anatomy objectively and without the profit motive, healthcare is a much simpler task to perform due to the following key verifiable facts:

  • The body can take good care of itself through its own autoimmune system, homeostatic ability to maintain chemical balance, stable temperature, etc., and auto-regenerative system for spontaneous wound healing, tissue and organ restoration;
  • There’s no spontaneous cellular malfunction and deterioration, or damage without cause;
  • Medical experts are fully aware that when all parasites and viruses are eliminated from the bloodstream, more than 2,000 neuropeptide types are regenerated, among them are interferons and interleukins, which interfere with the growth of cancer cells, essentially restoring the full functionality of the autoimmune system — this can be accomplished through the precise application of electrical pulses in the bloodstream.

The government issued document on the right is proof that in 1993 there’s already a solution to the AIDS pandemic that started in the 1970s.

Why it didn’t make the headlines?

With the ability to electrify all types of viruses and parasites in the bloodstream on demand, for what do we need vaccines for?

Detoxification Protocols

Chemical intoxication is one of the three primary root causes of why the body fails and get sick. The other two are the parasitic/viral infections, and the simple lack of energy for all the systems to function at optimum levels.

Chemical intoxication can be neutralized through a simple water dilution. The more water is introduced into the tissues, the higher will be the chance of survival for the cells to reach maturity, where they can replicate by dividing themselves into two new cells each, and as much as needed in a collective response to the stress they are all subjected to. 

To illustrate, a muscle tissue is replaced with more muscular cells resulting in a bigger volume and strength, a clear proof of cellular intelligence that is electromagnetic in nature. 

Recycling Toxic Dead Cells into Water!

A cell is the fundamental unit of life. The cell eats, breaths, and disposed of its waste on its own, which the bloodstream picks up on the latter’s return trip to the liver and kidneys. 

The cell has a certain level of intelligence, and is fully aware of where it is in relation to, and can communicate with, other cells in the vicinity. It has the ability to transform itself into whatever “specialized cell” is needed on location, e.g. bone cell, a muscular cell, brain cell.

At the heart of each cell is the mitochondrion, and some cells can have as much as 2000 mitochondria, which provides energy for the cell to thrive and function optimally. Bear in mind that every cellular activity, including those related to autoimmunity and cellular regeneration, is limited only to the amount of energy it can expend, and the source of that energy is the hydrogen, that same element that powers the Sun!

The body, being composed of up to 95% water, and water being 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen, is a reservoir of energy that supports cellular regeneration but abhors cellular deterioration — two endpoints of a cellular lifespan that we now have the ability to tinker with the right technology.

When the mitochondria expend energy by releasing hydrogen (metabolism) from water that every cell is essentially made up of, the process produces heat. 

Too much heat is emitted when we engaged in strenuous physical activity, or any heavy workloads, in the same manner that heat is emitted when the autoimmune system produces more white blood cells and antibodies to combat the ongoing viral and parasitic infections. 

H2O + work load => H↑ + OH

Read: When work load is added to water-based cells, the end result is the extraction and utilization of hydrogen energy and a byproduct of hydroxyl OH.

When there’s not enough supply of energy to perform these activities, the body consumes itself to produce the required energy, or the autoimmune system, among others, cannot perform its job at optimum level.

It should be clear by now that the lack of energy is the third root cause of why body fails to protect itself from environmental hazards.

What is left in all of these processes are the highly reactive hydroxyls, or OH molecules commonly known as free radicals

Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive species that attack most of the organic molecules. They are highly oxidizing in nature which is attributed to their oxidation potential (Tchobanoglous et al., 2003). 

This is the mechanism behind “aging.” 

Obviously, free radical hydroxyls have positive Oxidation Reduction Potential, or ORP, and you can measure your drinking water with an ORP meter. What if we can use a molecule with negative oxidation reduction potential, -ORP, to reverse the aging process?

What if we can turn the compound radical OH back into its former state of being water simply by introducing molecular hydrogen, H2, for the body to nourish itself with?

H2 + 2(OH) = 2(H2O) 

Read: For every molecular hydrogen H2 added to two molecules of free radical OH produce two molecules of water!

Why aren’t we encouraged by the experts to look at this verifiable Science if they really want to help, and compensate us for the taxes paid?

Ponder this:

So far we have learned that: viral and parasitic infections, chemical intoxication, and lack of energy, destroy healthy cells. 

Aging occurs when cells deteriorate faster than they are replaced with new ones.

If we can eliminate all types of viral and parasitic infections at will, and has the technology to transform toxic compound radicals back into water molecules, is it not logical to conclude that the regeneration of more healthy cells than we have ever expended reverses the “aging” process? 

Your filtered drinking water is acidic!

Normally, the body maintains a blood pH of 7.35 to 7.45. But, if you check your filtered water right now, you might be shocked to find out that it’s actually within the vicinity of 5 to 6 pH, or that it’s too acidic!

That’s the reason why your knees are getting weaker with age, even though you’re feeding yourself only healthy bottled, filtered, or mineral drinking water. This is caused by the body’s desire to maintain alkalinity in the bloodstream and throughout your body. Your body’s homeostatic system is forced to takes some of the calcium from your bones because your acidic water necessitates it.

Acidic water entering your metallic plumbing system also corrodes the lead galvanizing treatment, which causes leaching of toxic heavy metals into your drinking water.

Our body is composed of water between 80% to 95% of its total mass, depending on who you ask the information from. This illustrates the importance of a high quality daily water intake.

Heavy Metal Contamination is not fun!

There are many ways to enhance the potency of ordinary drinking water to detoxify each cell. If heavy metal contamination is suspected, you should try this:

  • Ozone gas neutralizes all chemical intoxication, and the high intake of ozonized drinking water dilutes liquid chemicals and oxidizes heavy metals in the body, effectively relieving the stress on the body’s filtration system;

Destroying Tumors with High-Energy EMP

High energy electromagnetic pulse can be used to induce electrical pulses which gradually reduce the size of a tumor anywhere in the body until the tumor is fully gone.

This non-invasive and non-radioactive method of sending electrical pulses to neutralize the fungi that make up the tumor, or any pathogens for that matter, works as effectively as directly electrocuting those adversaries.

Such method can also work to eliminate internal organ level infections without invasive operation — a first choice when viral infections have reached the lungs already.

This device complements to that of the blood electrifier discussed above.

With minor panel adjustments the same device can also be used to burn fats, and build muscles very effectively!

Mental Healthcare Should Never be Forgotten

While the cells virtually can take good care of themselves, all the individual cellular intelligence centers are coordinated from a central command center — the brain.

The brain takes care of the macro reflexive actions, or reactions, that the whole organism needs to do to survive. The nervous system is composed of neurons which communicate with other cells through synapses — a membrane to membrane junctions containing molecular machinery that allows rapid transmission of electrical signals.

Just like every other cellular activity, which expends hydrogen and leaves behind free radical OH molecules, we can revitalize the brain tissues with molecular hydrogen H2 infusions. However, that is only half of the job.

We need to stimulate the brain cells to function properly by reminding the brain cells of the brainwave frequency and form that they normally use to perform certain tasks. Otherwise, we could progressively suffer from  external stressors causing depression, mental fatigue, addiction, dementia, etc.

Fortunately for us, the same machine that provides effective electrical protection against viral and parasitic infections can also be used to stop the brain from malfunctioning with a few presses of the buttons, and make ourselves totally independent from those encapsulated, highly addictive chemical concoctions that are unsurprisingly, legally allowed.


Once you’ve fully explored all of the above complementary protocols, you’d start to realize that neither any of them is in conflict with the rest. In fact, it is so easy to see that they are so tightly working together that a full recovery of most ailments is not only realistic, but greatly accelerated and enhanced.

After the parasitic and viral infections are neutralized, the generous intake of ozonized drinking water facilitates the oxidation of the dead parasites and viruses, thereby ensuring that the liver and kidneys are protected from being overloaded with biochemical toxins and heavy metals.

On the other side of the spectrum, an ingenious use of basic chemical electrolysis is creatively employed. Dead cells as the normal byproduct of mitochondrial activity become oxidant hydroxils, OH, or free radicals. Normally, it takes a great amount of energy for the body to get rid of them in time. But not anymore. We can now transform these toxic compound radicals into very useful molecules of water to further nourish the body and protect the endogenous biofilters.

Simply put, these rather complex health problems do indeed have simple,  and readily accessible solutions. These solutions can all be implemented in the privacy and comfort of ones’ home, where the profiteers don’t have the legal right of access to.

The best way to protect that right is to organize, organize and organize with fellow victims of this fast developing Technocratic Dictatorship within the community.


No statement on this website has the approval of any agencies of government, nor from any self-proclaimed expert and authority over science.

Nor do we see the need to make any therapeutic claims to advance this endeavor. We are, of course, expecting that it is the users of these methods who will make the claims by themselves, over time.

The Science is simple and easy for people to understand, verify and test on themselves independently, to find out if it is the solution being sought for.

Real Science is not subject to mere arbitrary opinions, but should be replicable at all times for proper verification. It also welcomes new ideas, endlessly explores every hypothetical solutions to a given problem, and constantly formulates better approaches in solving any well-defined, everyday problems. This is how humanity thrives and advance all throughout civilization.

Commercial Science, on the other hand, undeniably make it sure that the problem is never eradicated completely, or if they will in some instances, watch out for new problems that are created in the process. This is the type of science that is governed by laws, promoted with some level of deception and outright coercion, and is never settled.

Meaningful freedom is never given. It must be acquired with every willful desire for new knowledge that inspires appropriate decisive action. We can only show everyone the proverbial door.

You do have a choice.