100% MoneyBack Guarantee [90-days]

Please read and understand the following before buying any materials from us. Don’t buy anything on this site if you haven’t actually read first the following terms and conditions in its entirety. Thank you very much.

Terms and Conditions

We have provided enough information of what this eBook is all about and it is understood that you have read these information beforehand. If not, please return to its synopsis page.

This eBook is for serious people who have genuine need for healthcare solutions only, and not for “joy downloaders”. If you have social, cultural, political and/or religious sensitivities, this eBook is not for you.

You cannot download this  PDF eBook directly into your iPad or similar mobile devices due to the eBook’s large file size. If that’s your case then explore how you can transfer your PDF from a PC/Mac to your tablet first [here] before buying this material.

If you decide to buy and download this eBook just for curiosity’s sake, you will be wasting your time because there is a required number of days before any claim will be entertained.

You will need to prove that the DIY instructions detailed therein won’t work before you could demand for a full refund. If you don’t think it’s a fair precondition then you should not proceed with the purchase.

This eBook requires the purchaser/end-user to have an open mind, willingness to learn and the full determination to assemble the gadgets adequately described therein. Or, if your confidence does fail on you, you must know of someone with proven technical training who can do the job for you.

Otherwise, just move along. There’s nothing for you here.

Now that you are still here, you should know that we provide email support throughout the development of your project and during the entire treatment duration, all for free!

Rarely that these assistance are sought for because the eBook itself is already complete and extensive. But it’s good for you to know that you won’t be alone in the dark just in case.

Your success in this endeavor is our success, too. So feel free to ask relevant questions along the way, and we will be glad to address them within the next 24 hours from receipt of such request.

All communications are held in complete privacy possible within the framework of the technology and platform being used.

Full MoneyBack Guarantee

If you can show proof that you have:

  1. Read the eBook in its entirety within the eligible period of one (1) month;
  2. assembled the devices correctly, and tested these gadgets for their operational integrity;
  3. subjected oneself to real treatment scenario, as described in the eBook, for two (2) months or so,
  4. and found them ineffective, i.e. health condition has not improved,
  5. we will return the cost of the eBook in full.

Due to the above requirements, no claims will be entertained within the first 60 days to give ample time for the required 30-day study period and device assembly, and another 30-day minimum treatment.

The same 60-day period before claim is required even for those who assert to be “fast readers” and other similar reasons or alibis. Any time saved from the reading and assembling periods are to the end-users advantage only, which should provide them a longer treatment period and verification.

There are no implied guarantees. All our materials are sold as is.

Download Issues

Our system is stored and hosted in one of the largest and most resilient cloud company today. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to download your purchased files right away for as long as your end has the means to do it.

It is understood that you have the necessary and adequate access to the internet and to our website where you can download your own copy of the eBook. Your inability to download our files because of slow internet connection is not our responsibility.

We don’t honor request for refunds due to your inability to download our files. The links that we have sent to you and the rest of our customers over the years are the same, and if they have been able to download the same files, there is no reason why you can’t.

We are using the industry standard WooCommerce Fully Automated Platform which allows us to monitor how many times you have downloaded the material. Download failure claims are by default not subject to any refund.

Download page is made available once payment is received and confirmed through Paypal. A follow-up email with download links will also be sent to you which you can find in your email inbox, or in the spam folder in some cases.

All download links expire after two (2) days from date of purchase. You can download the files multiple times within this period. These allowances are beyond industry standard and should be more than adequate under normal circumstances.

PDF Reader Issues

There are countless PDF readers that are already in the market today. Don’t buy and download our eBook if you have no PDF reader installed in your system.

As stated above, you may not be able to download this eBook directly into your mobile devices due to the limited resources of such devices and the 43Mb filesize of the eBook. Please download the file into your PC/Mac machine first, before you can transfer the file into your tablet.

Due to the nature of the material, the PDF eBook needs to be read sequentially from the first page to its last. There are no links to each chapter so a user could jump from one topic to another.

This is intentionally done to prevent users from subjecting themselves to any of the treatments without knowing and understanding the full nature of the eTherapy Protocol.

Henceforth, we don’t honor request for refunds due to the absence of navigation links on the eBook.


Before you can file a claim for a refund under our Full MoneyBack Guarantee you need to satisfy the verification process completely.

In order to verify that you have read and understood the contents of the eBook, assembled the necessary equipments you will be subjected to the following:

  1. a short test by answering a few questions derived from the eBook itself. Passing score is 70%;
  2. You need to send legible photos and/or videos during the assembly and the final working devices;
  3. You are also required to submit the actual photo of how you were using those devices in actual scenario.

The publisher and author of this eBook reserve the right to request other additional proofs when deemed necessary.

The above requirement also applies to the User Manuals of the Virutron antiviral device, and all other devices sold in this website. This means that any buyer, or user, of such devices needs to understand the Protocol completely before using such devices.

Any mistake, or deviation, from the Virutron Protocol and all other protocols that come with a product, voids the Full Moneyback Guarantee of the Virutron antiviral device and all other devices sold here, and all other subsequent claims related thereto.

Your refusal to abide by, or your disagreement to all or any portion of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions stipulated above and the Disclaimer below, shall render any claims allowed here null and void.


The actual device may have a different color due to differences in lighting, camera and monitor settings. Likewise, the labels and description on the front panel are technically generic only and may not be reflective of its indicated purpose, due to UCC and other legal restrictions. However, all the technical specifications stipulated on the product page remain true and correct.

We are also required to not make any therapeutic claims, even when we have cured our own ailments more than a decade ago, and that we continue to enjoy a drugless existence ever since.

We can guarantee that our products can perform their functions as described in their respective product pages.

We can guarantee that our Virutron PRO Full Spectrum Antiviral device can neutralize all types of parasites and viruses on contact, but that is only half of the job. You still need to take those highly toxic neutralized parasites and viruses out of your system. That is how your body attains the right condition for healing itself from the damage caused by these infections, and gradually restores the full functionality of the autoimmune system by itself for real-time protection against future epidemics, including those coming from drug-resistant superbugs.

With this device, you are in full control of its operation, from the actual frequency to the magnitude of the signal during treatments. As a direct consequence of its proper use, you will be in full control of your own health from now on.

*The success of your treatment depends entirely on your strict compliance of the entire protocol, which includes among others, the generous intake of 1 glass of water per 10 lbs. of body weight, good nutrition, regular physical exercise, adequate hours of sleep, and avoidance of all types of medications.

On average, the therapy will last up to 3 months of daily treatment ranging from 5 to 15 minutes a day on the first week, to 2 hours per day on the 2nd, or 3rd month, depending on your progress.

You will have full control of how much volume of parasites you would want to neutralize, in any given day, by adjusting the actual duration of the treatment per session according to your own capacity to flush them out from the liver and kidneys with high water intake.

Early signs of detoxification failure include: dizziness, headache, fever, skin rashes, fatigue, jaundice, general malaise, etc. Simply put, if you’re not feeling well after a treatment, it means that you have already overdone it beyond your water intake volume can flush out effectively. If that is the case, suspend the next treatment session until the symptoms subside with continued high daily water intake.

Ideally, there should be no accumulated toxic neutralized parasites and viruses in the liver and kidneys prior to the next treatment. Your failure to detoxify properly could lead to a permanent organ damage.

Since it’s physically impossible for us to do the detoxification procedure for you, you and you alone will have the full control of the outcome of your treatment. So, be responsible for yourself, start with short duration, follow the protocol strictly, and take back your health soon!

It is therefore considered that the sale, acceptance and proper use of this device are solely of your own volition, and that its full, proper implementation is left to your own discretion, as a responsible Sovereign Human Being. If you disagree with all of the foregoing statements, please don’t buy this device.

End of Terms and Conditions page.

 ———— oooOooo ————

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  1. I ordered the ebooks yesterday and the links in the email are expired when clicked on. Please reactivate order #917

    1. Please check your mailbox, Fasil. A new download link is provided.

      Thank you for supporting this endeavor.

  2. I am really frustrated that you do not supply a phone number so
    we can get help when there’s a problem receiving the download???

    I had intended to notify my friends on this alternative med option,
    but unable to recommend something that is suppossedly simple
    to download when no amount of effort gets the ebook downloaded?

    Some instructions should be on the website if a help desk option
    is not available! I was anxious to read the details of this discovery
    and am truly frustrated that there is no where to turn for help?

    Unbelieveably frustrated and totally confused.

    1. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience experienced thru the Payhip website where discounted option is available.

      Please check your inbox for the new download link.

      Thank you very much for trusting us.

  3. I have an order confirmation but no reading material? Where do I go to read this? Order #1143

    1. Your Bitcoin transaction was unsuccessful, Jasmine. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try with Paypal if possible.

      Thank you very much for your understanding.

  4. This is most strange. Could a server somewhere be blocking you. I wish I had an answer and a solution. I have listed both emails below in the website section of this reply section. Please double check to make sure those are the ones you are using. I have been checking both emails all day and they are working. Perhaps, send me a message to both without the link. I know you have a facebook page. Maybe a link in a message for me might work. I really want to solve this. Sorry we are having to do this in a public forum.

    1. You download links are posted below. Kindly scroll down.

  5. I don’t see my last reply to you here. Did you get it.

  6. hi guys – ordert and paied succesfully but no link yet arrived !

    1. Kindly check you inboxes/spam folder again, Chris.

      Also, if one uses two different email addresses, that would confuse the system.

      Thank you very much for your understanding.

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