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eTherapy is the precise and effective use of electric current in neutralizing all known and unknown parasites, e.g. virus, bacteria, fungi, worms, pathogens, microbes, for purposes of eliminating ailments including cancer, AIDS, and other parasitic diseases.


What is eTherapy?

eTherapy, short term for electrotherapy, is not the usual electrotherapy you may have heard in the '80s.

It is the precise application and effective use of electric current in neutralizing all known and unknown parasites, e.g. virus, bacteria, fungi, worms, pathogens, microbes, for purposes of eliminating ailments including cancer, AIDS, and other parasitic diseases.

There are only two general causes of any disease: parasite and chemicals. If both of these causes are eliminated from the body, it can recover by itself from any illnesses.

The whole eTherapy Protocol will eliminate all of these causes. And by consequence, help eliminate all diseases one may have suffered from.

Based on empirical data, we cannot concur to the assertion about spontaneous cellular deterioration notoriously blamed for cancer. We can only agree that the real cause of cancer and any other disease is either, or combination thereof, of the following:

  • severe oxygen depletion,
  • hyper-acidity,
  • passive parasitic infection
  • failure to detoxify properly

If you want to help your body cure itself from all illnesses, then this is the best way to go. And if you want to do it yourself, then download the eBook "Towards Healthcare Emancipation" now.

Why is eTherapy better than any other protocol?

The primary advantage of eTherapy over conventional modalities is the absence of man-made chemical residue in the blood and tissues which otherwise poison it like in the case of chemotherapy, the effects of which is proven, among others, by falling hair.

With eTherapy, both parasites and chemicals are eliminated without poisoning the body resulting to gradual spontaneous recovery. In other words, since the body inherently knows how to heal itself, the effective elimination of foreign substances and parasites enhances its ability to cure itself completely from all types of diseases, including the "incurable" cancer or AIDS, in a matter of three months, or so.

From the standpoint of its progressive eTreatments, there is no better protocol than eTherapy.


Thanks for the info a Hard Copy of the book would be nice but understandable that no one would publish it. If the ebook is purchased can then it be printed?

Yes, high-resolution printing is allowed. You can also share it with the community afterwards. And just like what the oldies at the local Department of Health of my country said, "We have no problem with your non-chemical stuffs, but you should be careful with your local detractors."

If this is effective against AIDS and cancer, why is it not discussed in the media?

Who owns the mainstream media?

Who advertizes in the mainstream media?

Are those corporations willing to shut their chemical manufacturing plants down just so they could turn perpetual healthcare customers into happy, medically independent, healthy individuals?

Would the entire healthcare industry willing to depart from their huge investments on medical diagnostic equipments and elaborate laboratories in favor of a low cost, portable, more accessible, and highly effective solution?

Are the healthcare workers willing to be terminated from work once the healthcare industry starts closing their hospitals and drugs manufacturing plants down?

What you're looking at is a real conflict between technological advancement and the profit oriented socioeconomic system.

The protocol described in our book is absolutely not compatible with the healthcare industry as it is today. That is why it never made itself to the 6 o' clock news.

But you can have it now, if you have the will to detach yourself from the profit oriented system. You have a choice. Choose wisely.

Obtaining the eBook

How to download my eBook?

You can download the eBook right after you have made your payment. You will be redirected to the download page after your payment is made. You should not close your browser before you have completely downloaded your file. If you are not redirected to your download page, please check the inbox of the email address you're using to complete the transaction. Please choose either of the following:
  • HR: high resolution file » File 1
  • LR : low resolution file » File 2
  1. Please find and click your download link at the Available Downloads Section.
  2. You have two option files: low resolution [LR] version and high resolution [HR] version.
    • High Resolution [HR] version is readable by most PDF readers and is highly recommended; Bigger filesize takes more time to download.
    • Old PDF readers may not be able to read the low resolution [LR] version. But it is made available for low internet connection speed.
  3. Clicking directly on the download link will force the eBook to display on your browser, which may take several minutes. Until then, the browser will display a blank page, which may cause you anxiety.
  4. The BEST WAY TO DOWNLOAD your eBook is to:
    1. Right-click on the download link to access the context menu;
    2. Click on the Save as... menu item, then;
    3. When the Save as dialog box appears, choose the Desktop to where you will save your eBook, then;
    4. Click OK to save the pdf file. The eBook will download on the background. To monitor your download progress, you can view it thru the Download submenu of your browser. You should see your eBook at your Desktop when downloading is finished.
  5. Download links will expire after 2 days.
  6. If download links are missing, just reload/refresh that page.
  7. If your download attempts are unsuccessful, try downloading the file [40Mb] late in the evening when less users are online.
  8. When all else fail, try to contact us immediately.

Thank you very much!

How to purchase the eBook?

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button in the main menu at the top;
  2. Click on the "Add to Cart" button;
  3. While at your cart, verify that your quantity is 1, if not change it to 1 then click on "Update Cart" button;
  4. After setting quantity to 1, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button, and please follow the IMPORTANT tips below;
  • Enter valid email address. This should be the same email address as your Paypal or when you’re paying as Guest with your Credit Card. Otherwise, our system won’t be able to verify your payment and you won’t be able to download the file on time. Please contact us when this happens.
  • PAYPAL Checkout: Clicking on the Place Order button will take you to the Paypal Secure Payment portal. You must allow popup for My eClinik in order to see the Paypal popup page where you can login securely.
  • BITPAY Checkout: Clicking on the Place Order button will take you to the Bitpay Secure Payment portal.
  • Please don’t close your browser after paying.  Your download page will be made available after your secure Paypal payment is confirmed.
  • You can also check your email inbox for Order Received message together with the download links.

Thank you very much for trusting us.


Hi! I just want to find out if one can use the product even if they are already on arv?

Dear Thoba:

Thank you very much for the inquiry.

First of all, I would like to stress that we are not selling a product but a guide book that describes a complete protocol for restoring the full functionality of the immune system, when fully implemented.

All drugs must be stopped before starting the protocol. You will never need any of them. There is a complete Precautions Table that describes what must be avoided during eTherapy.

Once you have these gadgets at home you will never have a need to go to the drugstore ever again. The primary components of the protocol are not consumable.

Healthcare cost for the family is greatly  reduced and more effective. So far, this is the best "healthcare insurance" you would ever get.

There are a lot of things you could learn from the PDF eBook. All book reviews are accurate.

Hope this helps.



* ARV = antiretroviral

The Protocol

What makes eTherapy effective?

Electric current does not descriminate any types or classes of parasite. It neutralizes them all!

Blood electrification neutralizes all known and unknown micro-adversaries. When the blood is freed from all forms of parasites, 2000+ neuropeptides return, among them is interferon which interferes the growth of cancer cells.

To put it simply, the normal potency and function of the immune system completely returns. And since the immune system knows exactly how to deal with reinfection, the human body could then concentrate on the healing.

During the whole exercise, the only thing you need to do is to make the detoxification process very efficient, i.e. removal of neutralized parasites through the liver and kidneys by taking in generous amounts of clean, ozonized water.

What should be avoided during the eTherapy?

WARNING: Failure to take these precautions would result to permanent organ damage, e.g. liver, kidneys. Your body needs to clean itself prior to every eTreatment session. Pregnant women are not allowed to undergo this treatment. One (1) week prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:
  • liquor
  • coffee
  • all mind altering drugs
48 hours prior to the eTherapy, you should not take any of the following:
  • all drugs
  • all herbals, most especially garlic (highly toxic)
  • food supplements
  • all medications
  • some vitamins (inc. vitamin A, niacin)
After each eTherapy session, take at least 40 minutes rest before driving and/or operating any vehicle or motorized machineries.  

What are the signs of detoxification failures?

These are the signs that you have not detoxified properly, i.e. liver and kidneys are not cleaning the body due to clogging caused by liquid starvation:

    • headache
    • flu-like fever,
    • skin rashes,
    • skin eruptions,
    • jaundice,
    • joint and musclepain,
    • body aches,
    • sore throat,
    • general malaise,
    • sweating, chills,
    • nausea or
    • other symptoms.

The irony to this is that, while we can not force the client (you or your patient) to drink generous amount of water, it is during these stages when they would thought that things are getting worse.

Even the use of ozonizer further aggravates this scenario because they will be thinking that every glass of ozonized liquid they’re taking into their stomach is more potent than before, and so they will drink less.

It is therefore our view that if you want to achieve a much faster resolution to all ailments you might have, it is imperative that you must help your liver and kidneys in the detoxification process by drinking a minimum of 14 or more glasses of water per day, absolutely ozonized. Otherwise, a permanent damage on these organs can be expected.

You have been warned.

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