Diabetes is Curable

The pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream. Both insulin and glucagon are vital in carbohydrate [sugar] metabolism which transforms it into energy our body critically needs.

When your pancreas is infected with any parasite, insulin production is reduced, sugar metabolism is impeded and the body can’t have enough energy it badly needs.

Your body needs energy to do work and when defending itself from further parasitic infections. Therefore, with a pancreatic infection the whole body is susceptible to more diseases, and gradually, it continues to deteriorate.

As a quick solution to this condition, insulin infusion is administered. But will it eliminate the root cause of diabetes which is parasitic infection?


Injecting insulin is just a “band aid” temporary solution. To eliminate diabetes for good, we need to eliminate the parasites that are causing it.

Considering the close proximity of the pancreas to the liver, any pancreatic fluke heavily infesting on it could spread to the liver which could also led to hepatitis.

Parasites can best be eliminated by the use of electric current. With electric current, one need not remember the name, class or type of the adversary. It neutralizes them all!

Electric current can be applied directly into the area near, or within the perimeter of, the pancreas through the use of an electromagnetic pulser.

An electromagnetic pulser is a device that sends high-intensity electromagnetic pulses at very low frequencies [VLF] into the conductive tissues thereby neutralizing any parasite lurking within.

VLF electromagnetic pulse is harmless compared to microwave frequencies used in x-rays and radiation therapy.

Each pulse produces electrical pressure (voltage) high enough to alter the protein layer of the parasite thereby inhibiting it from replicating. These electrically shocked and non-replicating parasites will then be flushed out from the body through the liver and kidneys.

Man-made chemical antibiotics, on the other hand, overload the liver and kidneys while neutralizing the parasites is a matter of luck or trial and error. Not so with electrical current.

Electric current can also be applied in the blood as part of the standard protocol for all diseases. This is to restore the full functionality of the immune system itself. Remember, when the blood is freed from all types of parasites, 2000+ neuropeptides could return, one of which is interferon which interferes the growth of cancer cells.

So, when it comes to dealing with diabetes, which is smarter then: insulin infusion or parasite elimination?

If you answer “parasite elimination” then, study and learn how to assemble these gadgets through our fully illustrated DIY Guide eBook, and start reclaiming your freedom from the middlemen peddling sophisticated yet useless healthcare solutions. Find more about it here.

4 thoughts on “Diabetes is Curable

  1. Hi this is very interesting. Please tell me more without trying to sell me something.

  2. That something is The Solution, tony.

    We are selling that solution to raise funds for our next project, Towards Energy Emancipation eBook.

    Thanks for supporting us in these endeavors.

    1. Diabetes is a condition when you have a malfunctioning pancreas.

      Neutralize all parasites and chemicals in that organ through instructions from our eBook.

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