A Reminder That GMOs Are Terrible (Infographic)

A scant 60 years ago, scientists had just discovered the shape and structure of DNA, so in some respects it’s quite impressive that today’s researchers can manipulate genetic code in order to create new versions of food-producing crops. On the other hand, do you really want to eat the mutated offspring of sterile laboratories instead of Earth’s natural bounty?

In Europe, where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are severely restricted, the answer is mostly “no.” In America and the rest of the world, however, GMOs may comprise the majority of the food supply. Due to their relatively recent introduction, long-term effects of GMOs on the environment and the human body have largely not been determined, but the folks over at Nurse Degree have put together an infographic detailing some of the known and potential ill effects of these genetic monsters to help you stay vigilant. What do you think?

Credit: MindBodyGreen

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