Eliminating All Immune System Disorders

Immune system disorder is a condition when the body’s defense mechanism fails to respond appropriately to an ongoing infection, or fails to recognize between harmful foreign invaders and harmless internal substance.

There are two general types of immune system disorders:

  1. Immune deficiency (e.g. AIDS, leukemia)
  2. Hyperactive immune system (e.g. allergies, vasculitis)

My own experience with vasculitis taught me a lot of things, the most significant of which is that: chemical antibiotics don’t work.

It doesn’t matter whether one’s immunity is deficient [AIDS] or hyperactive [vasculitis]; both conditions offer the same nightmare.

Of course, if you are selling some sophisticated “solution” you would try to complicate the discussion in order to create the need for an expert, and raise the price bar of the whole exercise.

Common Mechanism of How Diseases Manifest

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to determine that the immune system can only malfunction when it is overwhelmed by a heavy volume of parasites much more than the immune system could effectively neutralize. This is our experience with Hepatitis B which later on gave us vasculitis (hypersensitivity of the immune system), i.e. the extreme opposite of AIDS.

These parasites maybe recently acquired, or are already there inside the body and are just waiting for the right time. The right time is when your resistance is weak due to energy deficiency, i.e. lack of sleep, nutrition deficiency.

In simple terms, when you’re abusing yourself physically, your body’s resistance level to infection goes down, and the body eventually gives in to multiple parasitic intrusions. That’s when diseases start to manifest.

Why Auto-Immune Response Fails?

Initially, you will then experience fever as the body tries to combat these rising infections by reproducing enough white blood cells called lymphocytes (e.g. T cells). The very high volume of neutralized parasites is then trapped inside the liver and kidneys, and you experience mild to severe headaches when these blood filters are clogged up due in part to low water intake.

In short, you are now in a very precarious physical condition, and you start feeling helpless as no amount of chemical poison intended to kill the pathogens and viruses could improve your condition. In fact, the stronger the chemical, the harder the liver works to remove them, and the severe the headache becomes.

The immune system deteriorates even further due to blood poisoning by the very chemicals used to eliminate the adversaries.

But not anymore.

The Best Antibiotic is Not A Drug

Parasites can best be eliminated by the use of electric current. With electric current, one need not remember the name, class or type of the adversary. It neutralizes them all!


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