Towards Healthcare Emancipation 1.x

In order to help more people regain their physical dignity, we are making the 1st Edition of the above groundbreaking eBook for FREE.

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This eBook is for serious people who have genuine need for healthcare solutions only, and not for “joy downloaders”. If you have social, cultural, political and/or religious sensitivities, this eBook is not for you.

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16 thoughts on “Towards Healthcare Emancipation 1.x

  1. Thanks for offering help to all people in the world for free.


    1. my pleasure, anamprema.

    2. I am starting an NGO using Durban (South Africa) public parks to grow food.

  2. I am definitely interested in doing those 3 things. I love my quiet, clean, comfortable condo and gold course neighborhood in Florida though. Do you have a similar place like this in the Phils? i was married to a Cebuana from 1988-2000. Filipinos are usually quite friendly, but can be pushy too. They are often so desperate for money – it’s sad, yet irritating. If there is a nice community of expats, I will visit and consider staying.

    1. Hi Bill:

      Dumaguete City has been featured in travel reviews as one of the best in the world. You may meet a lot of expats right there now. I’ve been there years ago and I should say it’s a pretty good place. Bohol Island is another.

      I’d be in one of those islands when the time comes

      Desperate women trying to improve their family’s lot do desperate
      things. Most of those rationales are in fact misplaced, e.g. materialism for most.

      We as a nation is conquered. One would only see how people flock to the likes of Francis Bergoglio as if he and his organization is not the cause of my people’s miserable conditions.

      More than anything, there’s a need to update and reboot the OS in our psyche and the rest will hopefully follow.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Very helpful.

  4. My utmost gratefulness to you, for sharing such a precious information with us. I wish your work could be exemplifying to the rest of the good beings like yourselves throughout the world… Thanks a zillion!!!

    1. You’re welcome, Sue.

  5. The download is not working.

  6. Bless you for being so gracious with your hard and well earned knowledge. Living on a set income does not allow many to even have 25 room after all bills are paid for the month. Eternally grateful…. 🙂

  7. the pdf is damaged and don’t open, plz fix

    1. Your bandwidth is the problem. Just redownload the file.

  8. very grateful for sharing this valuable information to us. can’t thank you enough. will be praying more for people like with great intention of improving the lives of many ordinary citizens. God be with you.

  9. The email is not send for the link to download the book 1.0

    1. Just do it again, only this time check your spam folder, too.

  10. Very informative and this is what I’m looking for a long time, thank you.

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