Bob Beck Protocol for AIDS & Cancer

Cancer is the most extreme level of severity of an ailment. It is the stage when the immune system has been effectively defeated. AIDS should be considered much like any type of cancer.

Remember, the human body, like any other animal, is supposed to heal itself without consciously knowing how.

The claim that cancer is caused by spontaneous cellular deterioration has no validity whatsoever. Cellular deterioration is caused by the lack of oxygen, high levels of acidity, and heavy parasitic infection which would render the immune system totally useless, and put every cell in precariously defenseless situation.

One proof that cancer is caused by the lack of cellular oxygen is the very rare occurrence of heart cancer. The heart always get its fresh supply of oxygen from the oxygenated blood coming from the lungs, before it delivers them throughout the body.

The Beck Protocol is a combination of electromagnetic treatments and a complementary detoxification procedure for the total eradication of the primary causes of all illnesses the human body could suffer from, i.e. parasites and chemicals.

The immediate consequence of having rid of all these foreign substances from one’s body is the gradual spontaneous recovery from any ailment whatsoever. The immune system will return to its full functionality, and it can focus on averting further infection allowing the body to have a wider window of opportunity to heal itself. The absence of man-made chemicals, radioactive diagnostics and invasive surgeries in the Beck Protocol ensure nothing will hurt you now and in the future.

With Beck Protocol, no disease will ever be classified as “incurable” ever again.

AIDS and Cancer can be defeated and cured by your own body through the help of this very comprehensive and safest protocol ever formulated. Not to mention that it is so easy and cost so little to implement.

If you want to know how to implement Bob Beck Protocol in your own home, explore Towards Healthcare Emancipation 2.x now.

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