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Anti-Stress DIY Egg Shell Calcium

We are looking at DIY healthcare ideas and this one may fit the bill for those who are struggling for more calcium intake.

Preferably, egg shells from organic chicken should be used.

How to put eggshell calcium to work in your diet | Butter NutritionIt’s really common for my clients to have issues with dairy, gluten and other foods when their body is in a state of depletion  When caloric and nutrient needs are not being met, the body cannot function optimally, causing functionality and tissues to degrade.

The liver failing to “take out the body’s trash,” weak digestive juices, and intestinal leakiness set the stage for food sensitivity. However, there is good news; if you start to strategically nourish the body again, these conditions can be reversed!

Some of the first steps to repairing the body include avoiding sensitive foods for a period of time before re-introducing them to a stronger system. This helps to down regulate stress and inflammation in the body that can interfere with healing and regeneration. Another tool in battling inflammation is increasing foods that oppose the stress response. Calcium in the right form for YOU is one of the tools I use. Daily calcium helps quiet our parathyroid, and keeps parathyroid hormone (PTH) low. When blood calcium levels decrease (from lack of dietary calcium), it triggers parathyroid hormone (which controls calcium metabolism in the body) to break down bone to buffer the Ph of the blood. This increases stress, and is an INFLAMMATORY  process. “The parathyroid hormone (PTH) is an important regulator of calcium metabolism. If dietary calcium isn’t sufficient, causing blood calcium to decrease, the PTH increases, and removes calcium from bones to maintain a normal amount in the blood. PTH has many other effects, contributing to inflammation, calcification of soft tissues, and decreased respiratory energy production.” Ray Peat, PhD.

Many of my clients are allergic to dairy when we first start working together. This can make getting regular intake of calcium difficult, so my usual recommendations are bone broth and/or eggshell calcium. Why not just a calcium supplement? Because there is a much cheaper, more nutrient dense version you can make at home!

Eggshell Calcium Recipe:

1) Save a few dozen used eggshells.
2) Cook them at 300 degrees for about 20-25 minutes to dry them out.
3) Let cool for 30-60 minutes.
4) Blend in a coffee grinder or high speed blender (like Vita-mix) until you get a very fine powdered consistency (very important!)
5) Consume about 1/8-1/4* tsp with a little water or juice 1-3x per day or as needed to meet your individual health needs. 1tsp eggshell calcium equals about 800 mg calcium.

*Note: If you struggle with digestive issues start with a very small amount of eggshell calcium, as some may find it irritating to a weak digestive system.

Give this recipe a try, and tell me what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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