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Australia Bush Fires Coincide with Proposed High-Speed Train Path, Smart Cities

The onslaught of bush fires in Australia is readily attributed to “climate change” religion, but there’s more to the story than the first hoax. The various locations where the bush fires started coincided with the proposed path for high-speed trains and the proposed locations of “smart cities.”

The Preparation

In order to effectively implement the plan of clearing the areas to be used for the aforementioned projects, the budget for the Fire and Rescue NSW was cut by $12.9 million, while the volunteer-run Rural Fire Services lost $26.7 million as expenses.

Byron Bay, which is currently being torn apart by fires, was promised $5.85 million for a new fire station in Kingscliff. The funding has yet to arrive.

Many firefighters are currently battling the blazes with bore water, as New South Wales is currently experiencing a severe drought and was already running out of resources before the fires began.

As a result, thousands of residents have been told not to expect help from the NSW Rural Fire Services and were left to evacuate for themselves.

As we have explored previously, natural cycles are a common occurrence in this country, and the temperatures and heat experienced is certainly not a new phenomenon

Instead, the key point to note is that conditions regularly get so dry that if a variety of bushfires were to start at any point across the country, they would leave a distinct mark and spread quickly — especially if there was no response to contain them.

policies over the last few years have also made hazard reduction activities more difficult, including a cut back in back-burning, where authorities identify at-risk areas close to developments and ‘reduce the load’ with controlled burning in preparation for bushfire season.

Not doing so adds more fuel to the fire. Fast forward to today, and there is over 80 fires spreading, all lit at the same time.

As we learn more about the ongoing bushfire ‘crisis’, many mainstream media news reports are now suggesting that most of the fires were intentionally lit.

Most recently, three 12-year-old boys have been “dealt with” under the Young Offenders Act for deliberately lighting bushfires, as blazes ravage the New South Wales South Coast.

Police are currently appealing for information about fires at Moonbi, Berkeley, Balgownie, Turramurra, Katoomba, Morisset and the Royal National Park near Loftus.

There have also been reports of people stealing firefighting equipment, as NSW Police probe several “suspicious” blazes around the state.

Do you really believe this story? Children are responsible for lighting these fires?

Other preparations involved geoengineering technologies aimed at inducing drought.

The upper atmosphere above Antarctica warmed by as much as 40 degrees Celsius in the course of a few days — and it is continuing to warm.

This rare phenomenon, known as sudden stratospheric warming (SSW), could deepen one of the worst droughts in Australian history.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Harry Hendon warned of dry weather ahead.

“We will typically see conditions across most of Australia, but primarily concentrated in the eastern part of Australia, become warmer and drier through spring and into early summer,” Dr Hendon said.

SSW is rare in the southern hemisphere with only one major event ever identified, in 2002 — one of Australia’s driest years on record.

Weather weapons are real and the G8 countries have the ENMOD treaty to regulate it for themselves. So, for those who continue to troll about this topic, you’re just fooling yourselves every time you do it.

Why should we be wary government’s Smart Cities?

The simple answer is that it doesn’t implement all known and suppressed technologies that could potentially render the current economic system obsolete.

The Smart Cities that the government wants to implement only include communication and automation technologies, which still rely on one central control point, and one power grid.

It is only labeled as “smart” because the people living in it are using smartphones, interconnected invasive cameras and other embedded technologies that only they know the specific functions thereof.

With reference to the video below, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull emphasized the value of “togetherness” of people in one location so that they can control everything that’s happening in it.

That’s not being smart. That’s totalitarian. It is a Technocratic Dictatorship that they are trying to build.

The Smart Cities Plan sets out the Australian government’s vision for these cities, and it includes three pillars: Smart Investment, Smart Policy and Smart Technology.

Key domestic initiatives include the Smart Cities Plan, City Deals, the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program and the National Cities Performance Framework.

The first round of the program sawhalf of the total $50 million funded for 52 smart city initiatives, allocated across all states and territories, supporting the delivery of innovative city projects that “improve the liveability, productivity and sustainability of cities and towns across Australia”.

Second round of funding has also concluded, providing local government agencies and bodies a total of $22 million, with grants of $250,000 to $5 million to support projects that apply innovative technology-based solutions to urban challenges.

Since then, Australian telcos have been leading the introductions of the technologies across the country, includingOptus at the Royal Botanical Gardensand Telstra’s assistance with plans in Launceston.

Global networking giants have also been pushing into Australian smart cities technology, including Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Centre, Cisco’s smart cities “alliance” with KPMG Australia and Nokia’s smart cities framework.

The government fully admits that the new initiative is part of Australia’s significant contribution toward achievement of Agenda 2030 ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ 11.

What’s the connection between smart cities and sustainability? A push for cleaner water, zero waste, smart transport, better engagement with communities and infrastructure control.

Couple with a sophisticated surveillance grid to monitor and control the created environment, a UN-driven desire to make Australian cities more ‘livable and prosperous’ is driving the integration of information technology into city management programs at this very moment.

Some smart Australians have expressed concerns that the current trajectory is patterned after China and that China’s ‘Social Credit System’ may soon reach Australia.


Who hates High-Speed Trains?

Nobody, but they have to do it the right way.

The problem is, it is grossly expensive to relocate the long established population along the proposed path and location of the project. For any sociopaths, it is far feasible to just burn their way in.

Enter the Consolidated Land and Rail Australia company, better known as CLARA, which made a proposal to the Australian government in 2017 for a high-speed rail train line from Brisbane to Melbourne, including a vision of new smart cities to be built along the southern route of the plan.

The consortium is headed by Nick Cleary, and the company has sold bureaucrats and ministers on a vision so large it’s almost eye-watering: a high-speed rail network that would open the way for not one, but eight new cities, each between 200,0000 and 600,000 people, along its route.

“The policy on population has failed because we have failed to overcome the tyranny of distance,” Cleary says. “Between now and 2061 we are going to grow the population by 15 million. Our plan is to build cities at scale connected by high-speed rail.”

According to their official website: CLARA is Australia’s most ambitious master-planning project: eight compact smart cities across Victoria and NSW connected to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney by high-speed rail. Liveable, connected and sustainable. Self-sufficient in energy and water use. 

The first network of cities worldwide designed around people, not private cars, in 100 years. The first CLARA city is proposed near Shepparton in Victoria’s north.”

It’s a vision to transform the settlement patterns of Australia entrenched for more than 200 years. And all to be achieved by the private sector, with only minimal government involvement.

ASIC searches show a web of companies behind CLARA, and Cleary says there is a separate consortium agreement and “a number of firms that are funding us while we pass milestones”.

Until recently, there have been serious doubts that the project would even get off the ground, after being predicted to cost north of $100 billion to fully clear land and develop infrastructure.

Could there be something going on beneath the surface?


Interestingly enough, Cleary says they have secured crucial land to begin this mass project around the sites of the first two new cities, stating “we have some land in our control around those locations. It’s around those areas, about 10km from Shepparton.”

When investigating this, one must ask the question: is it merely a coincidence that this area is one of the locations under serious threat from fires? –

This is not simply an isolated incident or ‘coincidence’.

On closer examination, many of the current fires along the east coast correspond to the proposed route for the high-speed rail line andpart of the CLARA proposal, including setting aside land for this development which cannot be used for anything else.

Let’s take a look below at the proposed smart city train line:

Then the bush fires…


They’re truly smart isn’t it?


A long-established corrupt institution cannot be expected to provide a “smart” solution that would result to an increase in the quality of life of everyone. Their argument has always been that the people cannot be trusted with off-grid technologies. They need to be controlled all the time.

They want to reduce carbon emissions, yet they run after people selling waterfuel kits.

The same reason why a purported “Man from Venus” Val Valiant Thor was refused to provide highly advanced technologies to the people of this planet. Whether you believe in that story, or not, is really not the point here.

Thousands of technologies have already been discovered, patented and used by the military for the last 120 years, at least. The Deep State is in control of the US Patent Office, and related agencies around the world, and it has already implemented those technologies that it has been suppressing at the same time.

Nevertheless, we’ve trusted the government too much, even if day by day we can witness that it is not working for our interest. We keep doing it because we are hoping that someday, somebody will just come along and save the day.

Real freedom, of course, is not designed to be given, but should be taken away from the organized oppressors on this planet.

Instead of participating in street protests, you should do the following instead:

  • organize a cooperative, meritocratic political movement to defeat the incumbents;
  • said political movement should be anchored on doable technologies ready to be deployed – this is your unique proposition;
  • establish a local exchange system LET, where farmers, skilled workers and artisans can help each other out outside of the debt-based financial system;
  • protect yourselves by exposing every attempt to destroy the movement. Surveillance cameras should be directed at the real enemies of the State. Evil cannot thrive under the shadow of a bright light;

Suffice it to say that the list is just a template, and never exhaustive. But practical ideas will surely come out once the action has started. You don’t need to be technically knowledgeable about those ideas, but you should be able to pick up somebody who can.

Again, don’t waste your time on street protests. Bear in mind that some of those popular street protest organizers, or groups, can sell you out in the end, or after you have taken your selfies and group photos.

But a real freedom movement must be designed to last for generations. The revolution must be perpetual, and technologically evolved.

In the end, the people themselves will learn fast enough how to govern themselves in peace and mutual progress because they can readily see the futility of mutual annihilation using some of these highly advanced technologies. Together, they will prove the sociopaths wrong.

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