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How to Make Cannabis Oil

What is Cannabis oil?
Concentrated cannabis oils are named due to their viscous, oily, and sticky appearance.  They have been made famous by claims of the effectiveness of cannabinoids such as CBD in the treatment of cancer patients.  These oils are frequently used in edibles, topicals, vaporizers, and as a stand alone treatment.  The oil extraction helps pull out cannabiniods, as well as other healthy molecules such as terpenes in a highly concentrated form that can then be used by patients. 
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63 Year Old Says Cannabis Oil Cured His Cancer

By Christina Sarich
A 63-year-old grandpa and retired builder from Hastings, East Sussex, England, says he cured himself of liver cancer by taking home-made cannabis oil. He received a liver transplant when he was diagnosed in 2009, but the disease returned in 2012, attacking the new organ he had undergone surgery to receive. His search for an alternative cure was led by desperation, but he is cancer-free today from his cannabis solution. Read more to find out how.
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The World’s Most Eco-Friendly All HEMP Car

By: Collective Evolution

You would never think that a single plant could solve most of the worlds problems, well it can. Hemp has over 50, 000 uses, why this plant remains illegal is causing confusion among many. Everything from clothes, medicine, fabrics, fuel and more, hemp is definitely a large threat to a variety of corporations that control energy, health and a number of other industries. Many corporations would see a decline in profit if hemp were to be legalized. One in particular this article will focus on is the automobile industry.

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Algae : The Answer to Fossil Fuels?

Algae has already been touted as a natural healing wonder. Not only does have its high chlorophyll content and special plant compounds been shown to defeat cancer and heart disease, it also shows promise as a replacement for butter and eggs in gluten free and vegan baked goods. Even giants like Unilever, which make unhealthy household items, have looked to algae as a replacement for palm oil in many of its products since palm oil production is destroying our bio-diverse rain forests. But perhaps the latest and most promising news about algae, though, is that it could replace petroleum fuels.

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