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Defeating the State with Agorism, Counter-Economy & Natural Science

There is now a growing revival of loose global wide movement of peaceful anarchists embracing individual libertarianism as opposed to State-usurped Libertarian Party to which the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Justin Trudeau are affiliated with.

The inferiority of statehood concepts, or governmenthood, can be seen with what is going on now in Syria. There, we can see how another State [Russia] is trying to help the former to find a middle ground with other invasive states like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the bully of all bullies, the United States. Why does an independent state like Syria need to deal with the whims of other states?

Conversely, why would these other states interfere with Syria’s domestic affairs by saying that its democratically elected leader, Assad, must go? Who gives them the right to demand so?

The State, as it is today, has become the instrument of coercion — an elaborate system of wholesale tyranny.

Originally, libertarianism is the complete reduction of Statehood principles and enforcement in favor of the full realization of individual liberty, or freedom. However, we simply cannot use the term “liberty” as of co-equal stratum to “freedom” here because it basically connotes “permitted or allowed freedom” which, of course, a semblance of control still and does exist. The Libertarian Party is therefore right there at home with that clarification, i.e. a political party espousing controlled freedoms.

In order for one individual to insulate himself completely from the State he must engage in economic activities that are totally outside of the control of that State. Fortunately, all of us are already doing that to some varying degrees and forms. We just have to take it farther than what we are doing right now.

How to Start Doing Agorism

The million-dollar question – how do we start doing agorism? We’re convinced the right way out of this tyrannous morass is to starve the bastards out by trading outside of their purview. We’re giving up on voting in their sham elections. We’re tired of begging them for relief from their own tyranny. We’re locked out of their monopoly in-justice system. Now what? What is agorism and how do we get started doing it?

Create a Product

To approach the question as simply as possible, all you have to do is come up with a product – something people want, something you can produce better or cheaper than the state sector already does. Then sell it discreetly. The customer does not have to understand agorism; they don’t even have to be interested in liberty. Most importantly, you must not report the transaction to the state, you must not collect or pay taxes on it in any form and you must ignore state regulations if they interfere with the proper operation of your business. Absolutely do not even think about registering this effort with the state as some kind of corporation.

Not Strict Agorism

Now this isn’t really strict agorism. But it’s a good way to start thinking about it. It’s critical to start, even if your initial efforts are rough. As long as you initiate and sustain at some level your entrepreneurial ventures, they will bear fruit. And I’m not just talking about money. Your life will become more flexible. You’ll have more time for your friends, your family, your hobbies, your kids, you name it. You’ll stop worrying about paying your bills and have more time for yourself.

Don’t Have to Start a Business

If you’re not interested in starting your own business, you can still practice agorism! Just work for cash. Work under the table, don’t do any W-2 or 1099 jobs. The agorist entrepreneurs surely have many different kinds of jobs they need done. You can do them. Little commitment or risk but you still earn a tax-free wage.

Agorism Nationwide

There are agorists all over North America. Leverage that! Maybe you’ve got some great maple syrup. Trade that to folks in Georgia for some juicy organic peaches. You can make your own solar panels and hire agorists in other areas to market them for you. The possibilities are endless.

Disguise Yourself!

Worried about law enforcement interest? Disguise yourself! Create a barter network – there are tons of them so you’ll blend right in. Give it a vanilla name, nothing even remotely connected to liberty. Call it the Granite Barter Network. That doesn’t sound subversive at all!

Co-Opt the Statists

And that’s just how you want it because now that you’ve disguised agorism and created a paradigm anyone can plug into, you co-opt the minarchists and other statists into joining you. They spend so much time on counter-economics they forget all about voting and protesting. Since they’re spending more time with market anarchists, they radicalize. Soon it becomes easier to patronize the counter-economy than the official one. Certified agoristic products flood the shelves. Now we’re winning!

Agorism is Just Trade Without Government

Agorism may sound complicated, but it’s just extra-governmental trade. Anyone can do it. In fact, you’re probably already doing some of it. Anyone can be successful at it. You can earn extra income, become self-employed and advance liberty all at the same time. What could be better? Get started today raising organic vegetables, baking pies, manufacturing solar panels, importing hemp and stevia or doing a million other productive things.


The problem arises when one individual becomes economically superior and is able to hire thugs to bully others into full submission, i.e. acquire ownership of the majority of lands to create an exclusive enterprise. How should the peace-loving majority able to counter this?

There are two countermeasures to effectively deal with such a situation. Either the peace-loving majority arm themselves and fight it out with the private army of the lone rich, or organize themselves an army of able men to provide the security work for them.

Now, we are back to why we need a government in the first place, i.e. that same government that’s been hijacked by the same type of bullies it is designed to avoid. We will tackle that pestering paradox later on.

So, how does it defer from the current form of statehood whereby the government supposedly provides for the security of the people, legislate and enforce the same rules for everyone to follow?

Wait, is there really a unitary set of rules for everyone to follow, or the Chosen Few have the ability to bypass these rules through built-in loopholes we, the majority are not even aware of?

This selective application of rules is therefore the differences between the current state of government, i.e. Corporatocracy, and that of an Agorist Society, i.e. barter economy, or direct social intercourse sans the Middlemen.

An ideal State, one that is truly representative of the people’s wishes and desires, should not subject the basic needs of man to any principles of economics. Those critical elements for basic survival, i.e. land, shelter, education, energy, should be provided for completely free of charge.

This brings to the table one logical observation that it is the environment that always dictates the prevailing attitude of the people. Abundance breeds sanity; scarcity encourages madness.

The motivation to profit, the lust for power, self-aggrandizement, gratification of the ego, why do these unvirtues exist? How did men learn these corrosive mentalities?

Eliminating the Paradox of Greed and Control

Greed is not the root cause, but a mere effect of an underlying fundamental ignorance.

Misunderstanding of oneself and the lack of full understanding of what exactly is one’s relation with all the other selves, i.e. the inadequate level of self-awareness in relation to Life itself, is the root cause of the urge to engage oneself onto a path of destructive competition with another.

We have on many occasions have shared a simple yet scientific analysis of the proof of our interconnectivity so that one is then led to realize that hurting another lifeform is indeed just hurting oneself, or not caring for another is just the same as ignoring one’s own existence.

Understanding the Endless Cycle of Life

Every living human being is composed basically of at least 80% water and 20% carbones. We borrowed the term carbones from Viktor Schauberger to represent carbon, and other elements, minerals which you can read on the side of every formula milk that your mother may have fed you at one time.

Water is, of course, composed of hydrogen, an explosive gas, and oxygen which supports complete combustion. 80% of combustible and explosive energy encased in carbon, are making up our own body that is all recyclable.

In simple terms, water is the spirit that exercises intelligence and retains memory, and carbones collectively is the body that encapsulates the spirit “for the time being”.

Exactly, how this “creation” or transformation came about is discussed in greater details in our publication, but it must be understood right here, right now, that form is achieved through propagation of specific frequency of the electromagnetic wave in space.

Electromagnetic wave is just a technical term for energy which may exist as matter and plasma. Space itself is a sea of energy in its basic form.

Different forms are achieved with different frequencies. Our sense of physical reality is defined by the limited bandwidth of our sensory perceptors: eyes, ears, skin, and interpreted by the brain.

Here are some demonstrations of how frequency dictates form.

Understand that in all of the above demonstrations the medium is interacting with space itself, giving visual clues of the true behavior of what is that element that permeates or defines space.

While frequency dictates form, it is the environment, or habitat, that forces physical characteristics and formulates attitude. As has been said earlier, abundance breeds sanity; scarcity encourages madness.

The physical form of any living being deteriorates when it could not sustain itself against the imperfection of its environment anymore [here]. When the physical body of a human being disintegrates into its component elements: carbon goes back onto the surface of the earth, while oxygen “floats” or merges itself into the immediate atmosphere and up to the ozone layer, helping other lifeforms breathe life.

The hydrogen gas, however, travels much farther into the outer space towards the sun where all hydrogen are fused through an endless cycle of implosions and explosions, the whole solar system being formed out of a vortex of energy, or plasma, that is fluid in behavior yet invisible to the limited bandwidth of the human eye.

Space is a sea of energy vortices to which all fused matter in the form of planets and suns literally float.

We are breathing in oxygen that was once a upon a time part of human beings before us, as well as those from other lifeforms.

The hydrogen that powers our body comes from the same sun that recycles hydrogen gases that evaporated from all “dead” lifeforms from antiquity and into perpetuity.

Carbon becomes grass eaten by cows that sits in our plate as mouthwatering steak.

Life is a cycle of endless transformation that no single entity is in direct control of except Nature herself. Nature is energy, intelligence, and power in one. Nature is the Living Spirit to which all things emanate and return.

“Nothing is created; nothing is destroyed. Everything were just transformed.” – Heraclitus

We are all Spirit in one body in Nature before we became “separated” and assumed individual consciousness.

Nature is a single consciousness that allowed itself to be “represented” in many forms with each believing independence from sheer ignorance. Separation is the greatest con; Individuality, a mere illusion.

What is not illusory, however, is our being part of an existence that is truly Eternal, and that’s the most beautiful Truth that surely free us from all inducements of fear.

Physical death, or the destruction of form due persistent exposure to forces or electromagnetic waves that have the same frequency [that creates the form] and magnitude [or greater] but opposite in polarity, is only a transition to a multitude of other lives as parts of our energy now is being dispersed all throughout space later.

This explains why small fragments of our past memories show up from time to time — “I think I’ve been here before.”

Sure you did 😉

Rarely, will a human being be reincarnated in full. But when it does, one must find the reason why so.

The Fundamental Truth can be summed up in just one simple unifying formula:

Nature = Energy = Spirit = Life = Supreme Being


Energy = Electromagnetic Wave = Matter, Heat, Plasma, Light, Infrared, Microwave, Thoughts, Ecstasy, etc.

The study of Nature will lead us to the essential definition of the word Spirituality. Conversely, Spirituality is the pursuit of a deeper understanding of natural phenomena, i.e. Natural Science,  which incidentally served as the very foundation of the Common Law.

Ignorance of this simple truth is what drives men mad. Otherwise, our complete understanding should led to progressive cooperation and peaceful coexistence, knowing that we are all One and the Same.

It is therefore imperative for every home to teach their children about this simple verifiable truth so that any form of institutional coercion later on won’t be as successful, and the creative and cooperative faculties of the child is preserved throughout his lifetime.

Even those who swear they are moving towards reforming the whole system are themselves not ready to go all the way just yet.

So, how do we change the current state of affairs, and where do we begin?

Modern organized religions has long departed from the original intent of those practicing Spirituality.

Guilt and fear-based religion is easily defeated with the type of scientific based spirituality argument that we have just discussed above. But this works only in younger generation.

Here’s one gal that’s already at that level of thinking…

It would be impossible to change the mindset of a John McCain, or a Victoria Nuland, much less a Zbigniew Brzeziński. These people are beyond redemption. They must be eradicated through thermionic vaporization. At least, we could recycle their atoms back without their learned corrosive intent, of course.

How do we defeat the ongoing move by the bankers to integrate separate economies under one centralized control while forcibly making each totally dependent upon one another, i.e. not one country could stand on itself by its limited ability to extract its own endemic resources, purposely to force international exchange rather than be completely self-reliant?

Through the principles of Agora: barter, permaculture, electrotherapy, plasma energy systems, etc., we can defeat the Octopusian State and those that maintain it, by transacting our business directly with one another.

We can achieve full freedom by dislodging all politicians and their derivations from the whole spectrum of our Agorian Society. Always remember, we can do this right now by reviewing the stipulations discussed much earlier.

In the future, there may come a world government but that one is not going to be authoritarian, where authority and power starts from the top. It will just be a cooperative platform for sharing ideas of the best ways to move forward, an open government participated in by all people from every corner of the planet, connected and sharing their policy inputs voluntarily through the world wide web, in real-time.

The technology and the template for doing so are now being used by the Open Source Community.

Policies will come directly from the people, a true manifestation of what democracy should be. All forms of representation will be discarded. The people will be forced to reeducate themselves and become more responsible by default, so that they could participate in the whole process of self-governance, intelligently.

Policy by global-wide consent is then programmed into supercomputers and decisions will be evaluated by these  peer-programmed machines for universal consistency.

Such democratic policies shall include how to allocate resources in the most efficient manner that is all encompassing.

Full automation will replace boring and heavy menial jobs. Job employment will become unnecessary as all basic needs are fully satisfied by the Open Community.

All human activities are voluntary with recognition and honor as the only reward. These are the only valid currencies.

Auditing, result evaluations and all feedback mechanisms are designed and implemented in the same open manner.

What will make these ideas more feasible is the fact that all technical knowledge and materials already exist. They only need to be released, not by the so-called authorities, but by us — the Collective, and we may need to apply our own brand of coercion [like this one] and employ adequate force if necessary to do just that.

The day for a peer-to-peer government, or Open Community, is already dawning. Politicians and all sorts of Middlemen will soon become relics of our dark past.

If we can gather enough willpower and courage as we need to be, we shall be remembered and honored for all time for being the ones to implement it first.

Live free and prosper.


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