6 thoughts on “Evidence-That-Chemtrail-Tankers-Spray-Engineered-Biological-Weapons1

  1. Let’s hear what the Environmental protection Agency has to say about this! I’ve heard about this for about two years now from people who insisted that this is a serious health hazard and convinced this endangers the lives of their family and community. This is placing many community members under a high level of stress because we see aircraft passing over our community every day exhausting “Chemtrais” exactly like shown in the above photo.!!!

  2. I believe in chem trails but this pic is clearly condensation trails from the engines.

  3. Oh horseshit. That’s a normal vapor trail. Jets have been making these since there have been jets… one thing meteorologists discovered in the three days after 9/11 is that the earth in the US heated up considerably because of no vapor trails because of our shut-down airspace. If anything, we may be seeing more plane traffic and vapor trails just because there is a lot more air traffic these days. That’s a nice photograph. But no one is spraying biological weapons over the US.

    1. What are these…missinformation comments? What we have here isbearly a fine example of cognitive dissonance.

  4. That is a retouched photo. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t pull a climatologist trick by publishing altered/falsified data.
    You show pictures of all the external manifolds on aircraft for spraying the chem trails yet these trails come from the engines.

  5. I don’t to see any photos to know that what I see everyday are NOT contrails. I am a person that watches the sky all the time. When I first heard about the spraying I had a wait and see attitude. Well I saw my first one in 2004,Nov. I began to try to educate people. I really found out how stupid people can be. Like the post that started with BS these are contrails. This person doesn’t know excrement from shoe polish.
    There was a lady that worked at a local postal store. When I first told her about it she was sceptical at first The difference was her husband was an F- 15 pilot based at Nellis AFB. She became a believer after her husband told her not to ask him about it because it was a career ender! So for all you dumb asses and dis info people, stuff it!

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