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How Important Detoxification Really is?

Good nutrition and regular physical exercise are primary required in the field of survival. The first provides fuel, the latter enhances blood circulation which supplies nutrients and oxygen to “remote” parts of the body enhancing the overall health.

But we need to remove all the toxins, too, in order to bring all organs to their optimized conditions. Detoxification is, therefore, a primary requirement in proactive healthcare.

Here’s the empirical evidence…

A Reader, F, comments (!!!!!) on his personal experience with a toxic body!

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Frank, in the very late 90s, I watched a popular PBS show in which the investigative reporter – can’t remember his name, also was tested. The results were so terrible that he was told that if he were a young woman who wanted to get pregnant, he would be advised against it because of the very likely damage to the fetus. I thought the world would be screaming about this show the very next day, but nothing, absolutely nothing ever came of it. I’ve been sitting on this kind of information for years, but no one was ready to listen. I hope every one takes time to read what you say here. It is extremely important. . .  

Let me also offer you, here, my personal good wishes for a long, healthy and happy life! Eat organic and stay away from Western medicine. Western medicine understands nothing about the fact that everything in our bodies is also intra-connected. They treat everything in isolation, and it doesn’t work. It only masks the problem! 


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I have not yet watched “Your Not Fat Your Toxic” as I do NOT want what I have to say appear to be related to her information although it may very well be. I will try to be brief. However be sure to read my conclusion at the end. After suffering severely for the last 3 1/2 years from Congestive Heart Failure, Prostate Cancer, a blood infection with E coli, which almost took my life, and a host of other physical ailments. I had given up on Doctors. I was dying…slowly……..BUT DYING! I have researched, as you know, most all the things we have discovered from Chemtrails to GMO to poison water over the last 6 years.

I had literally BEGGED three of my doctors to do a HAIR ANALYSIS on me over the last 3 years and all of them said the Australian Government will not approve it unless I work in an industry connected with exposure. Finally, facing certain death, even though I had been supplementing properly with all the vitamins and herbs etc that help the heart and prostate, I decided to get my own Hair Analysis done.

Long story short……..I WAS IN SHOCK when I read the 42 page report from Analytical Research Labs in Arizona where we had sent my samples. Out of 16 categories of critical nutrients I was only in the ideal range in three of them…JUST 3! Most were extremely low or non-existent. Out of 5 categories of critical mineral ratio’s I WAS IN NONE OF THEM.

I started doing more research and found several sites and doctors who clearly said and I quote here ” Most Congestive Heart Failure is Caused By Severe Nutritional Deficiencies Caused By Long Term Exposure To Pharmaceutical Prescriptions”. AND….that returning to a proper nutrient based balance in your body will correct it! THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST TEST EVERY DOCTOR ORDERS WHEN THEY ALSO ORDER A ROUTINE BLOOD TEST BUT THEY KNOW THIS AND THEY DON’T DO IT…WHY!

Now I wish to add that I ALSO HAD SEVERE COPPER TOXICITY either through CHEMTRAILS or an accumulation of Copper in my body from possible other sources. Regardless…Had I NOT done my own testing I would have died. COPPER TOXICITY SEVERELY LOWERS ZINC AND GUESS WHAT? THIS ALSO CAUSES PROSTATE CANCER AS WELL. My PSA levels after Brachytherarpy had gone down to .9 but just started going back up due to low Zinc levels which my doctor NEVER EVER DISCUSSED WITH ME OR TESTED ME FOR.

I was so angry…so mad as hell I almost could not speak for days. I never trusted doctors and now all my concerns have been personally verified. I had Prostate Surgery, radiation treatments, Heart Failure and NONE OF IT HAD TO HAPPEN….WHATEVER YOU REMEMBER FROM THIS DON’T TRUST ANY DOCTOR! Do your own homework first. EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE who is suffering from any ailment needs to get a Hair Analysis done as soon as possible.

As soon as I started taking the nutrients in it’s purest form via capsule or tablet and not mixed in with a host of other vitamins I started to get better. In less than 24 hours I could breath…I started crying I was so happy. My energy levels started returning. Just a few days earlier I could not walk up a flight of stairs or walk from the car to the house without sitting to catch my breath.

I do not yet know how much I will recover as it has been only about 3 weeks but if this continues I could return to a normal life for a 65 year old male. The turnaround is absolutely STUNNING!

Conclusion…..Now here is the icing on the cake…..during this time my weight had gone up drastically and no matter what I did, I just could not stop it or lose any weight. I was on veggies..veggies…salads etc and NOTHING WORKED…NOT PILLS, NOT DIET…NOTHING! Since I started putting the correct nutrients into my body …besides being on my way to a healthful recovery of all my problems……….MY WEIGHT IS COMING OFF BY ITSELF WITHOUT MY DOING ANYTHING TO ASSIST IT…BY ITSELF. It’s as if the nutrients have stabilized my system and it’s happening automatically. This is a fact and I make these claims in order to help anyone who is suffering as i did.

I have started healing myself and and my heart and hopefully stopped my PSA from starting to go back up…only time will tell on that one but I can breath and walk and have returning energy and brain function as I had just a few years ago.

I am absolutely convinced this is part of the deception to the public and that Doctors KNOW this but get their rebates from BIG PHARMA for pushing poisonous toxic pills which kill us and help their de-population agenda. For the Doctors out there that routinely test ALL their patients with Hair Analysis and Clinical Nutrition……..I love you for your integrity and desire to really heal and not just treat the symptoms plaguing humanity.

Lots of Healing Hugs……………………..Frank R

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