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Processed Foods Destroy Immune System, Scientists Confirmed

Processed foods, the main staple in most grocery stores and fast-food outlets global wide, are found to be destructive to your immune system. Well, what can we expect?

The primary objective of industrialized food production is never healthcare but profit.

Incidentally, the need to profit:

  •  forces the enterprise to save on cost of maintaining a clean environment of production,
  • necessitates the use of drugs to increase the volume of meat,
  • encourages the spraying of pesticides and artificial fertilizers to force higher farm yields,
  • motivates outright violation of established rules and norms,
  • inspires the industry to offer the regulators a retirement package they can’t refuse in return for turning a blind eye to those violations,
  • invigorates the appetite to play god and modify the genetic makeup of any farm produce, etc.

The end-result is a food supply that is wrapped in a fancy packaging for quick serving that surely pleases the taste buds yet corrodes the digestive system paving the way for the development of long-term immune system damage.

Here’s a good documentary on how food is produced by profiteering psychopaths…

As you can see from the above documentary, it’s not just about the food you’re eating that is grossly compromised, but the whole fabric of our society is being affected, too, profoundly.

Even in low quantities, processed food is a killer and is obviously feeding the insatiable appetite of their sister industry — medical.

Indeed, their profit is our demise.

Processed Foods May Cause Autoimmune Diseases – Researchers

Sputnik, 06:06 04.01.2016 (updated 07:02 04.01.2016)

Professor Aaron Lerner of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Haifa’s Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Carmel Medical Center and Doctor Torsten Matthias of the Aesku-Kipp Institute in Germany published their analysis recently in the online journal Autoimmunity Reviews.

The researchers claim that industrialized foodstuffs weaken the intestine’s resistance to immunogenic antigens.

Numerous tests by the pair revealed that the effects of processed food on the intestines and with the resultant autoimmune disease can lead to the development of some 100 illnesses, including type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, scleroderma and myesthenia gravis.

“In recent decades there has been a decrease in incidence of infectious diseases, but at the same time there has been an increase in the incidence of allergic diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Since the weight of genetic changes is insignificant in such a short period, the scientific community is searching for the causes at the environmental level,” Lerner said.

The research was carried out in a laboratory environment without human testing.

“Control and enforcement agencies such as the FDA stringently supervise the pharmaceutical industry, but the food additive market remains unsupervised enough,” said Lerner.

The Israeli Health Ministry’s public health chief Itamar Grotto suggested that the scientists’ recommendations for those with a family background of autoimmune diseases to stay away from processed foods is “a matter of jumping to conclusions.”

According to the findings, at least seven common food additives can weaken the body’s ability to protect itself:  glucose (sugars), sodium (salt), fat solvents (emulsifiers), organic acids, gluten, microbial transglutaminase (a special enzyme that serves as a food protein “glue”) and nanometric particles.

“We hope this study and similar studies increase awareness about the dangers inherent in industrial food additives and raise awareness about the need for control over them,” stated Lerner.

The processed food industry is so big, we wouldn’t be surprised if the above research publication suffers the same fate as the censorship of Dr. Herndon’s Coal Fly Ash-Chemtrail findings.

Here’s how your own government is waging war against organic farmers…

There is no absolute right to consume and feed children any particular food. FDA

If the people are not being protected by the government, and instead is trying to kill their means of survival, what can the people do aside from launching a revolution?

2 thoughts on “Processed Foods Destroy Immune System, Scientists Confirmed

  1. This is the main cause for cancer and other debilitating diseases on earth today. From the “milk” that is sold in every grocery store in the US to the potatoes in the vege aisle to the cole slaw in the deli. Its all unnatural and dangerous as hell consumed everyday. Look up why milk is pasteurized and why homogenizing it is even more dangerous. Its a wonder people arent dropping dead enmasse on the street. Thats because the body can handle some of these chemicals and bioengineered “food” but only so much. It then starts to lose its ability to fight back and cancer consumes the cells.
    The bread in the aisle they sell for a buck will clog your digestive system and you are on your way to a very sick life.
    Why do you think they make the food so inexpensive. They want us to think its cheap and good for us. This produces healthcare patients and trllions for the pharmaceuticals. Simple to see. Must take off blinders and “look” for yourself and listen to what your inner self knows is true. The FDA (federal death association) isnt looking out for you. If they were they would allow raw milk into our grocery stores as it has all the nutrition the body needs, and take all psych drugs off the market. The food is what causes most “mental” disabilities.
    Lactose intolerance is created with the homogenization process and all the enzymes are destroyed by pasteurization as it is in OJ and eggs and other dairy products. They must pasteurize milk as the cow lives and defecates in the same place. The milk is already diseased with lots of puss in it when the cow is milked. Its a crime what they done to food.
    The wheat today is only 2 feet tall when 50 years ago it stood tall at 3.5 ft in the fields. Bioengineering has changed it all. It is making people sick and adding to the coffers of the medical profession, a mere shadow of what it used to be. Doctors talk to you for 5 minutes and prescribe a pill. Total lunacy today.
    Drink apple cider vinegar daily, eat coconut oil, unrefined, stop using all other oils sold in the grocer as it is all rancid (unrefined cold pressed virgin olive oil is okay) ferment your foods, grow your own veges, buy grass fed beef and free range poultry and juice everyday (carrots are the best for fighting everything in the body) and make your own chicken and beef stock using the formula from the Gap diet and save your life. Stop eating wheat. A friend of mine stopped eating all wheat products (because its all GMO unless from Latter Day Saints) for 6 months and lost 70 lbs. It changed his life. That includes pasta and crackers , cream of wheat, etc. Rice is a good alternative.
    Soak our oats and wheat (non GMO) if you want to digest it properly.
    We cant eat perfectly and the occasional pizza or burger is not going to kill you on the spot but eating this stuff everyday (McDonalds, BK, Wendys, KFC, french fries, coke and all other soft drinks) lead one to disease and death.

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