6-in-1 Hydrogen Water Dispenser HW23 UV Light + 3sec Fast Heating


Very efficient Space Age Reverse Osmosis technology with 6L raw water tank protected with UV light. This water purifier + hydrogen water dispenser is also equipped with remineralization cartridge, and a 3-second Rare Earth Fast Heating feature, so you don’t lose any of the water quality after the purification and disinfecting process. Each unit is covered with 1-year warranty; FREE Premium International Shipping, and FREE Lifetime User Support.


The Fleuvion™ 6-in-1 Hydrogen Water Dispenser HW23 is equipped with highly efficient reverse osmosis purifier with 6L raw water tank protected with UV light disinfectant. This water purifier hydrogen water dispenser is also equipped with remineralization cartridge, so you don’t lose anything after the purification and disinfecting process.

  1. Every unit is capable of purifying and generating at least 30L/hr of molecular hydrogen H2 through the same RO filtration technology used in the NASA space program, while consuming only 0.1kWh per day.
  2. The RO purified water from this equipment has a very low TDS rating (total dissolve solids < 1ppm) and can be used as input water for molecular hydrogen inhalation.
  3. The RO purified water passes through a composite nano-activated carbon and remineralization cartridge to further enhance the taste and purity of the water.
  4. Reverse Osmosis RO purified and remineralized water are stored in a UV light protected cache tank,
  5. The RO purified, remineralized, and UV disinfected water stored in the cache tank will undergo hydrogen enrichment once the power is ON. This process can be seen through a blue window at the front.
  6. To top it all, this highly advanced hydrogen rich water generator is packed with the option to choose which water temperature you want from 6 temperature presets: Normal, Hot, Cold, Milk, Tea, or Coffee via its state of the art 3-second rare earth fast heating technology to start your day with delicious tea, or coffee, at the fraction of the energy cost required, and without the water losing much of its quality post purification and post remineralization process.

This extraordinary feature rich hydrogen water dispensing unit comes in an ultra-minimalist smart design that looks very classy in your dining area, or home office space. In fact, the pictures shown here don’t do justice, as it looks so much better in actual setting.

Main Features

Filter Cartridge Replacement Schedule

You can refer to the following schedule for filter cartridge replacement to maintain water quality and freshness. We will provide all the original filter types at discounted prices.


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