Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler TP600 SPE/PEM Electrolyzer 600ml/min H2 + 300ml/min O2


Non-toxic, high quality molecular hydrogen maker for inhalation, drinking water treatment; 6000-8000 hours electrolyser lifespan; 1-year product warranty; FREE Premium International Shipping, and FREE Lifetime User Support.


Molecular Hydrogen Inhaler TP600 is a floor level appliance giving easy access to its control panel when using during bedtime, watching your favorite movie, or when performing your daily home office tasks.

This particular unit is capable of providing 99.99% pure molecular hydrogen at 600ml per minute production rate.

Inhaling molecular hydrogen H2 is the most efficient way of getting this beneficial element into your body. At 600ml/min, you can breathe in 8,000 times the H2 from a 500ml bottle of H2 treated water.


  • Reduce oxidative and inflammatory damage;
  • Remove malignant free radicals and nitrite anions;
  • Reduce apoptosis (cell deaths), and prevent abnormal angiogenesis (cancer tumors);
  • Enhance autoimmune function, overall improvement in health.

Special Features

  • AUTO-TILT DETECTION Sets off alarm / outright shuts down the unit when the water tank is tilted to one side;
  • WATER LEVEL DETECTION Sets off alarm when water level is below a preset low level threshold;
  • WATER QUALITY DETECTION Monitors input water quality by checking the total dissolved solids (DTS), and sets off alarm accordingly.

The scientific understanding and equipment design have evolved many times in the last decade, and this model is one of the latest designs to date.

The bigger units on the right foreground are the latest 2022 models, while the smaller leftmost unit was designed from previous years.


Molecular hydrogen inhalation unit
Hydrogen Purity
Water Requirement
Purified Water /
Distilled Water
Input  Water Tank Capacity
Production Rate
600ml / min.
Duty Cycle
Up to 8 hours of continuous work
Output Gas Rate
600ml/min H<sub>2</sub> + 300ml/min O<sub>2</sub>
Certificate Approved
Work Power
Product Size
29 * 37.5 * 47.5cm
Input Voltage
AC110-220V 50-60Hz
Carton Size
38 * 45.5 * 55.5 cm

Using the Device

After pouring in the required quality and volume of water into the tank, the unit is basically plug and play. Start with  a 15-minute treatment at first. Increase the treatment duration with 15-minute increments as you progress.

This means that at the production rate that this unit is capable of, you may be able to finish your treatment very quickly. Or, depending on your current physical condition, you might extend your daily treatment duration as you go along.

On average, there might be a diminishing return of benefits after the 30-minute mark, depending on the unit you’ve chosen. There’s no theoretical overdose threshold, however, as the body just expels excess hydrogen molecules on its own.

Monitor and record your progress and all other treatment data in a log book.

The cannula is connected to the front ports of your FL900 hydrogen inhaler unit for treatment to facilitate bloodstream absorption.
You can combine and use the output from the front (H2) and back (O2) ports into a single cannula for simultaneously inhaling hydrogen and oxygen gases, or Brown gas, whenever necessary. However, if you prefer to inhale H2 molecules only, please click here.


The same unit can also be used to infuse molecular hydrogen into drinking water for ingestion.

The Science

Molecular hydrogen H2 works wonders in your body by fusing with free radicals in the form of hydroxil, OH. The end result is H2O, or water, essentially revitalizing dead toxic cells back into new water-based cells!

H2 + 2(OH) => 2(H2O)

One molecular hydrogen H2 plus two molecules of free radical OH makes two molecules of water!

Moreover, this process greatly reduces the burden imposed on the liver and kidneys, thereby greatly enhancing their ability to filter out dead parasites and viruses resulting from the Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral device daily treatments in the bloodstream.

The most important aspect of water is that it’s what 95% of the human body is made up of. Water is energy, intelligence and memory, rolled into one fundamental medium reflective of the unseen force driving the entire universe.

The Technology

At the heart of a good Molecular H2 Inhaler device is an SPE/PEM electrolyser.

Solid Polymerization Electrolyte (SPE) technology and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) are also used to produce pure and healthy hydrogen-rich water, which does not contain by-products or toxins such as ozone, chlorine and other oxides.

Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis is the electrolysis of water in a cell equipped with a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) that is responsible for the conduction of protons, separation of product gases, and electrical insulation of the electrodes.

The PEM electrolyser was introduced to overcome the issues of partial load, low current density, and low pressure operation currently plaguing the alkaline electrolyser.

How does the PEM technology works?

Below there is a picture and description to show you how the PEM works to prevent those unwanted byproducts, in conjunction with your water quality tests:

Typical H2 + O2 Electrolyser Diagram. This is for illustration purposes only.
  1. PEM will allow hydrogen ions (H+) to move from anion side to cathode side;
  2. The water on the anode [+] is the source of hydrogen ions (H+) following the natural law where likes poles repel each other;
  3. The hydrogen atoms will be formed at the cathode side when the hydrogen ions (H+) mix with electrons from the source (reduction reaction). Then the hydrogen atoms pair to form H2 gas, and exit to the right outlet, as shown above;
  4. Oxygen molecules O2 repelled by the cathode [-] exit to the left side of the electrolyser as shown above.
  5. Depending on the amount of chlorine ions in the source water, chlorine gas may combine with hydrogen ions to form hydrochloric acid, which is harmful to the respiratory system;
  6. PEM has electrolytes (SPE, solid polymer electrolyte, conductive body), so electrolysis does not depend on minerals of water source, as employed by some systems.
  7. The lower the resistance between anode and cathode, the lower the voltage drop, and the higher the production efficiency of H2 electrolysis. This is why a qualified PEM/SPE membrane is used;
  8. Since the pH value of drinking water does not increase, this design does not encourage the precipitation of calcium, thus greatly reducing the scale accumulation in the system.

Advantage of PEM Technology for H2 Inhaler and H2 Water Maker

One of the great advantages of PEM electrolysis is that it can work at high current density. This can reduce operating costs, especially for systems with very dynamic energy sources, such as wind and solar, where sudden surges in energy input result in uncaptured energy. Polymer electrolytes allow PEM electrolytic cells to use very thin films (~ 100-200 microns) while still allowing high pressure, resulting in low ohm loss, resulting in the main conduction of protons across the membrane (0.1s/cm) and a compressed hydrogen production.

By using solid polyelectrolyte technology (SPE) or proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology, you can produce pure and safe breathable hydrogen, and hydrogen-rich water. When inhalable hydrogen H2, or hydrogen-rich water, is clean and safe, your body is more likely to absorb the benefits of hydrogen. Remember, hydrogen is the smallest cell known, and it can travel through your body up to the source of any problem, making it directly beneficial to the health of the cells.

So it’s very important to have the right system to produce hydrogen. SPE/PEM will produce pure hydrogen-rich water without any residual chlorine or ozone. But the potential problem here is that the device must be properly designed with SPE/PEM membrane to ensure the creation of a clean drinking water.

Another problem is that we cannot control what type of water that the user will use. We recommend that you use only distilled water, or any purified water with TDS maximum of 50, and no chlorine or fluoride traces. A multi-function test instrument, or test kit for detection of these harmful substances, are available locally, in Amazon, and similar marketplaces.

Left: 16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit |High Sensitivity Test Strips detect pH, Hardness, Chlorine, Lead, Iron, Copper, Nitrate, Nitrite | Home Water Purity Test Strips; Right: 10 in 1 PH/TDS/EC/Salinity/TEMP/S.G/ORP/H2/Fertility/Resistivity Water Quality Monitor Tester for Drinking Water

We will continue to monitor all advances in this area, and in other fields of healthcare, so we can serve you better. Thank you very much for all the support!


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