Towards Healthcare Freedom 4th Edition | Special Edition for the New Normal [PDF eBook]


Go beyond basic treatment protocols and embrace a holistic approach to well-being. Discover lesser-known healthcare protocols and explore alternative non-drug options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is the only book you need to survive the New Normal. FREE 90-day User Support.


Are you ready to revolutionize your

approach to health and well-being?

Towards Healthcare Freedom 4th Edition” is a groundbreaking exploration that delves into the intricate relationship between the human body and its electromagnetic universe.

Then it will provide you with a fully illustrated, step by step instructions on how you can eliminate most, if not all, of your body’s ailments, including all types of viral and parasitic infections, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

This definitive 1800+ page guide offers an objective analysis of the true root causes of human diseases, backed by extensive research, thought-provoking insights, and 15-year field eTherapy experience.

Towards Healthcare Freedom 4th Edition

Special Edition for the New Normal

A Comprehensive Guide to Holistic Healthcare

Discover the Chapters that Will Transform Your Understanding:

Chapter 1: Precautions

Lay the foundation for transformative actions by understanding the vital importance of detoxification and the avoidance of toxic chemicals during eTherapy. Learn how these precautions can set the stage for effective healing.

Chapter 2: The True Power of Cognition

Explore the untapped potential of your cognitive abilities. Uncover the value of free thinking in problem-solving and witness the profound impact it can have on your overall well-being.

Chapter 3: Inconvenient Facts

Uncover the barriers preventing these treatment protocols from integration into mainstream healthcare. Gain insights into the obstacles that have hindered true progress in holistic healing.

Chapter 4: Life Sciences Simplified

Embark on a journey to understand the essence of life itself. This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental nature of the physical world and our existence within it.

Chapters 5 and 6: Defeating All Disease & Neutralizing Parasites

Discover the heart of the guide with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions to efficiently conquer parasitic diseases and all types of viral infections. Empower yourself with knowledge to take control of your health from the comfort of your home. These chapters are thoughtfully illustrated to enhance your full understanding of the eTherapy Protocol!

Chapter 7: Unpacking mRNA

Delve into an AI-powered exploration of the experimental vaccine that has shaped global health conversations. Gain insights into its implications and the World Health Organization’s role in its distribution.

Chapter 8: mRNA + CRISPR Technology

Explore the cutting-edge gene editing technology that enhances the effects of the experimental mRNA vaccine. Understand the dynamic interplay between science, technology, and healthcare on a global scale.

Chapter 9: Health Xupplements

Go beyond basic treatment protocols and embrace a holistic approach to well-being. Discover lesser-known healthcare protocols and explore alternative non-drug options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including how to cure substance abuse for good!

Chapter 10 and 11: Bonus Chapters

These chapters provide syntheses of what you will learn from the previous chapters. Just give us the benefit to surprise you about its contents, in exchange for the trust that you’re about to give us.

Appendix A: Technical Support Discussion

This addendum will hand hold you while learning about introductory electronics, just enough to be able to assemble the parts on the board.

Appendix B: US Patents and Documentary Evidence

These documents will prove the veracity of all the contents in the book, and for further research if you need to learn more.

For those who are new to this book: We published the First Edition of this groundbreaking material in 2011, right after the H1N1 pandemic. That was the dry run for the COVID-19 plandemic, and they’re not stopping this time around. So, if you’re smart and know how to read the writings on the wall, you should grab a copy right now.

This book may take you a few days to read and gather all the necessary materials that you need to assemble into your own antiviral system, using the fully illustrated guidance in the manual. Please don’t wait for them to declare another nationwide lockdown before you can gather all the materials required for the project, because they surely will, and it will be too late.

Are you ready to take charge of your health journey? “Towards Healthcare Freedom 4th Edition” is your comprehensive roadmap to a new understanding of holistic healthcare. Order your copy today and embark on a transformative journey towards optimal well-being, and sound mind.

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Past Reviews

“I am extremely impressed with the format, graphics, and pictures. This isn’t just text.. it’s a fully illustrated, well thought out and put together work of art.”

– Russ

“What you’ve created is an encyclopaedia of what it takes to live well and live long. Many thanks!”

– Brian T, UK

“…, I would like to thank you very much for this amazing book!!! I’ve read the whole thing in the last 2/3 days and must say it’s been very inspiring…  “

– Nolan L, UK

“Thank you for all your time and effort. I have not finished the ebook yet. It is chocked full of excellent information and I am looking forward to getting the supplies and experimenting with this technology… I have shared this with a couple of people, I hope that is/was ok for they would have not bought it for themselves but now they are reading it. My dearest thanks to you, you are a true brother. In loving grace,”

– David, Florida

“I am quite pleased and impressed with the eBook. I wanted to thank you for it and for your work… It seems put together very well. By that I mean it lays out a comprehensive story of why we need to take charge of our own health. I am glad that you included enough of the aspects of physics and science that should lead a person through the available data and help them put the pieces together from the various disciplines of science, medicine and politics, even “exo-politics”… I believe I am currently in fair to good health but I want to know how to help others and myself in the future! Thanks,”

– Peter, Australia

“I’m going to buy some supplies later today and begin my etherapy Saturday morning after breakfast. Just so you know, I’ve been drinking ozonated water pretty much every hour and baking soda solution every morning. My energy level has never been better. I don’t feel lethargic in the morning as I usually do.
I’ve been sharing these wonderful things with others who are suffering from cancer among other ailments. Thanks for what you do!

– Tommy, AU

Thank you for writing a book that covers so much great info in a way that simpletons like me can understand. I’m looking forward to the next book.”

–  Jason, US


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