Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep™ CES/tDCS in One


Non-invasive, non-toxic, and patented technology that’s far effective than any vaccines, antibiotics and psychiatric drugs in the market. Good for all “incurable” diseases. No technical/medical skills required. 90-day Full Moneyback Guarantee. FREE: Premium Shipping, digital multimeter, high capacity Powerbank, and non-expirable User Support.


This Virutron® Pro CM5206/25 unit is a professional full spectrum antiviral device with exclusive NeuroSweep® cranial-electrostimulation features. The two functions can be invoked on demand, which effectively negates the need for biochemical vaccines, chemical antibiotics, and psychiatric drugs, for the entire household.

We fully guarantee that the proper use of this device can neutralize all known and unknown mutations of COVID19, on contact.

IMPORTANT: Buy this device only when you are GENUINELY seeking for an alternative way to decisively deal with a viral, microbial, or parasitic infection, and chemical addiction. Otherwise, this is a very expensive way if it is only to satisfy one’s curiosity about how it’s done. Buy the eBook instead.

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as denoted by WHO, also known as, Wuhan coronavirus, Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus and Wuhan pneumonia, is a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA coronavirus first reported in 2019 and genomically sequenced after nucleic acid testing on a positive patient sample in a patient with pneumonia during the 2019-2020 Wuhan pneumonia outbreak.

Covid-19 Specific Treatment

The coronavirus starts its mayhem from the upper respiratory tract, then proceeds to destroy the lungs, where it also contaminates the bloodstream. Both scenarios create the “tipping point” when it kills.

You can do the following as an adjunct to the main arterial blood treatment:

  • You can do a “facial” treatment by placing the treatment pads near the nasal area and move each of them symmetrically and asymmetrically, such that the treatment current passes through the upper respiratory tract to neutralize all viruses there;
  • Next, place the treatment pads adjacent to the trachea or the “windpipe,” and move each of the electrode pads in the same manner as before, and;
  • Lastly, place the treatment pads adjacent to the lungs, i.e. one electrode pad on the chest and another one at the back, and move each of the electrode pads such that each electrical pulse passes through one portion of the lungs at a time. The user can move both electrodes in sync, or otherwise, every second so as to cover and trace the entire perimeter of the lungs with electrical pulses. Asthmatic individuals can be treated this way, too.

In general, localized treatment can also be done against tumors everywhere you can pass a current on (including brain tumors), bearing in mind that the toxic neutralized parasites might be forced to exit on the surface of the skin nearest to said tumors, e.g. breast cancer, if the treatment duration is long enough to produce a detoxification failure, as aggravated by low water intake.

So, take short treatment duration only of not more than 3 to 5 minutes a day for localized treatment. For more information, please refer to the User Manual.

Key Knowledge

  • When all parasites are eliminated, more than 2,000 neuropeptide types are regenerated, among them are interferon and interleukin, which interfere with the growth of cancer cells by essentially restoring the full functionality of the immune system.
  • When the ability of the brain to regenerate its own endorphins is returned through cranial electrostimulation, it won’t need any external source of psychoactive drugs anymore, and drug addiction is fully eliminated in time.
  • All of the above means that the proper use of this device can rid all of your illnesses, including but not limited to, cancer, autoimmune disorders like HIV-AIDS, all types of vasculitis and allergies; mental disorders like depression and addiction, without resorting to drastic chemotherapy, surgery, psychoactive drugs, etc.
The motherboard of the Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep™ CES/tDCS in One.
The motherboard of the Virutron™ Pro Full Spectrum Antiviral + NeuroSweep™ CES/tDCS in One.

Inside the Virutron® Pro is a CM5206/25 control motherboard with a high precision, high performance, large scale FPGA integrated circuit that provides 200 million samples per second resolution, which makes every wave cycle as distortion free as possible.

The device provides the user with the widest latitude for treatment and comfort through its variable output intensity, variable frequency, 20 memory slots for user-specific settings, and 20 standard + customized waveforms.

Benefits and Advantages

This non-drug intervention provides a decisive treatment to end-users who are suffering from cancer, all infectious diseases, and mental health problems without breaking the bank, like so:

  • neutralize all types of viruses / parasites on demand*
  • alleviate the effects of abrupt discontinuation, or decrease in intake, of all recreational drugs
  • do-it-yourself, no technical / medical background required
  • non-chemical, non-toxic, supports the auto-immune system rather than compromise it
  • non-regressive, no long-term side-effects
  • non-invasive, no post-treatment discomfort and risk
  • no blood contamination, inherently safe
  • non-radioactive, no runaway side-effects
  • decisively effective, results verifiable in 2-3 months
  • non-consumable, very low operating cost (entire household healthcare cost is reduced to cost of recharging the battery)
  • superior product support, welcomes user-specific questions
  • absolute privacy, no discrimination, no employment risk
  • Full MoneyBack Guarantee 

*If we can electrocute all types of viruses in our bloodstream anytime, anywhere, for what do we need vaccines for?

With this device and adequate amount of water intake, your body can get rid of cancer among many other ailments that you may be suffering from, and may never suffer from any viral infections in your lifetime again.

Logic of the Treatment

The human body can take good care of itself. The human genome has survived for millions of years without the benefit of “modern medicine,” and all it takes to achieve longevity is to provide the cells with the right environment that is conducive for them to thrive.

All the cells in the body have the capacity to replicate and transform themselves into specialized cells to replenish damaged tissues, repel and neutralize any parasitic attack, and detoxify themselves from chemical intoxication, all without our conscious will to do it. This simple fact removes all complexities in doing healthcare.

However, all of these defensive and healing mechanisms need ample supply of energy, water and have their own limits, too. When these limits are breached, diseases start to manifest.

There is no such thing as spontaneous cellular deterioration. Every cellular malfunction (cancer cell) and death is either caused by parasitic infection, or loss of oxygen, inadequate nutrients, physical abuse, and chemical intoxication. Eliminating these root causes is enough to eliminate “incurable” diseases, including cancer and autoimmune system disorders, that you may be experiencing right now.

We know this as a fact because we are experiencing the benefits of having a thoroughly cleansed bloodstream on a daily basis, i.e. zero parasite in a film of blood on the microscope slide, no more headaches from viral infections, no more runaway inflammation, faster wound healing, lots of surplus energy even after a long day at work, and best of all, we haven’t been to the drugstore for the last 10 years.

Here’s a comparison between a bacteria-infested blood of a young male, and a sample from a Virutron-treated bloodstream of a 52-year old male.

If we can fully eradicate the bacteria, as evidently shown in the second part of the video above, we can also neutralize and eliminate all types of viruses, known and unknown, during that same non-invasive and non-toxic procedure because of the electrical nature of the treatment.

Taking in toxic chemicals for every disease only masks the symptoms, but aggravate the underlying conditions in the long term. A non-chemical protocol is necessary to ensure a decisive treatment that eliminates all parasitic infections and drug addiction without any long-term side-effects.

In short, if the goal is not about sustained profit, healthcare is a much simpler task to do, like so:

Illnesses Root Causes Countermeasures
Infectious diseases Viruses, parasites Virutron® antiviral treatment, water detox, exercise
Cancer, autoimmune disorders Chemical intoxication, viruses, parasites Water dilution + ozone, Virutron® antiviral treatment
– Energy Depletion Bad nutrition, physical abuse Good nutrition, adequate rest
– Electromagnetic Pollution WiFi, microwave sources EM wave shielding, usage reduction
Cognitive Disorders Weak brainwaves Brainwave reinforcement – NeuroSweep® CES/tDCS
Addiction, depression Endorphin depletion Endorphin regeneration – NeuroSweep® CES/tDCS

Again, all of our countermeasures are based on the fact that the body can heal and fight for itself without our conscious will to do it. All we need to do is to tip the balance off in favor of the autoimmune system by reducing, or eliminating, the parasitic overload that it is experiencing when we’re sick.

If you think that there are other root causes to any diseases other than those listed on the table, please inform us so we can formulate a better countermeasure. Otherwise, it is easy to see that you can always do something for some of the root causes listed above. The rest of the job can all be done with the full spectrum antiviral/antimicrobial Virutron Pro + NeuroSweep CES/tDCS in One device.

Simplified schematic diagram of electrifying all types of viruses and parasites in the bloodstream.
Simplified schematic diagram of electrifying all types of viruses and parasites in the bloodstream.

Conventionally, symptoms like high blood pressure, cough and colds, headaches, etc. are usually treated as a disease, and will keep on recurring time and again because the root causes haven’t been fully eliminated. Yet, these symptoms won’t return when all of the parasites are neutralized through the Virutron treatment.

To illustrate, there’s no need for the blood to increase its flow rate by increasing its pressure just so it could deliver the much needed nutrients and oxygen in time, when damaged cells are already reduced, or prevented, by the effective electrocution of the parasites.

In short, you can expect that you won’t be experiencing hypertension ever again after a few weeks of Virutron® antiviral / antimicrobial treatment and onwards.

Remember, the full restoration of your immune system through the full elimination of the parasites in the bloodstream is the key to getting rid of any known and unknown ailments you might have, including cancer and AIDS. There’s only one way you can do that safely and decisively.

Non-invasive Antiviral Treatment

The non-invasive, full spectrum antiviral treatment technology itself is based on the shelved US Patent 5188738 issued on the research and method formulated by Dr. Steven Kaali, et al, which is proven to neutralize all known and unknown parasites, fungus, microbes, and viruses (including HIV-AIDS virus), but does not render the healthy blood cells unfit for the human body.

There are hundreds of similar patents that are not being implemented due to their disruptive nature. With our non-invasive Virutron Pro + NeuroSweep CES/tDCS in One device, you now have a real choice between healthcare freedom at the comfort and privacy of your own home, or the preservation of expensive, toxic, invasive, and radioactive modalities.
There are hundreds of similar patents that are not being implemented due to their disruptive nature. With our non-invasive Virutron Pro + NeuroSweep CES/tDCS in One device, you now have a real choice between healthcare freedom at the comfort and privacy of your own home, or the preservation of expensive, toxic, invasive, and radioactive modalities.

With the Virutron PRO Antiviral Oscillator, you can do the antiviral treatment without blood extraction, a much better option than the invasive implementation described in the patent. Also, there will never be a chance for blood contamination to happen, which is inherent in multi-user haemodialysis machines.

When all parasites are eliminated, more than 2,000 neuropeptides are regenerated, e.g. interferon and interleukin, which interfere with the growth of cancer cells by essentially restoring the full functionality of the immune system.

Once the immune system is fully restored, it can start to rid the organs of their viral and microbial infections, which in turn allow the organs to restore the body’s stability through a self-regulating process known as homeostasis.

When the body is stable and all systems are functioning normally, unfettered regeneration of healthy cells can occur to repair the damaged organs, and all other tissues, more efficiently.

In fact, we can readily observe that there is less scarring for an open wound after the injury has healed in such a short time when the bloodstream is thoroughly cleansed of parasites with the help of this device. The same thing could happen in our internal organs.


You should get rid of all other medications 3 days prior, during and after using the Virutron device. You don’t need them anymore once you have this device in your household.

The end-user is also advised to take short treatment durations only during the first few weeks of the treatment to limit the amount of toxic neutralized parasites that needs to be flushed out from the body. More treatment tips and Suggested Treatment Schedule are outlined in the User Manual of the device.

WARNING: Being the most potent anti-viral/anti-microbial protocol there is, the use of this device for antiviral treatment absolutely requires the end-user to drink generous amounts of water, at least 1 glass per 10 lbs. of body weight, daily and preferably ozonized, to help in the removal of toxins, primarily the neutralized parasites, throughout the entire duration of your eTherapy.

Stop the antiviral treatment treatment immediately, and continue the intake of generous amounts of water, when signs of detoxification failure are present, e.g. headache, fever, jaundice, fatigue, or general malaise. The failure to do so may result in an irreversible kidney, spleen and liver damage.

Since, most chemical intoxications can be eliminated via water dilution, too, there should be more than enough incentives why everybody needs to gradually increase their water intake now.

Understand that with this device,  parasitic neutralization is the easiest part and you can control the amount of parasites that you want to neutralize by adjusting the length of treatment per day. But we cannot do the detoxification for you.

Remember, you are now in full control of your own health. So, be responsible and always monitor your progress on a daily basis. Best of all, do enjoy healthcare freedom, just like we do for the last 10 years!

Courting the Fountain of Youth

Throughout the ages, men have ventured to the far ends of the world just to look for the mythical Fountain of Youth. Yet, Science may already have the key to achieving it. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. If the amount of new cells that is being regenerated is equal to the amount of cells that die off, the physical form stays the same;
  2. If the amount of cells that die off is more than the amount of new cells that is being regenerated, the physical form deteriorates in time;
  3. If the amount of new cells that is being regenerated is greater than the amount of cells that die off, the physical form enhances itself and one should look younger with time;

Scenario no. 2 is what we’ve learned to accept for generations. But is it really hard to achieve scenario no. 3 with adequate rest, good nutrition, regular physical exercise and regular electrification of the parasites?

With this device, the parasites that prevent the optimum production of new cells in the bloodstream are fully eliminated. So, if you can make your present environment as stress-free and as free of toxic chemicals as possible, then with good nutrition and regular exercise, the body can achieve its most youthful condition unimaginable before.

Obviously, this is a far better option than the regular young blood transfusions done by the upper class.

NeuroSweep® CES / tDCS for Mental Healthcare

Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) is a subject of 6 decades of independent research and patents, which continue to prove its validity as one of the safest treatments for drug addiction, depression, schizophrenia, migraine, epilepsy, aphasia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, ADHD/ADD, etc.

CES uses alternating current (AC) up to 111.11 cycles per second (Beck). This device is also capable of going beyond that frequency for possible use in bone regeneration (Becker) using an extremely low voltage.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), on the other hand, is a newer concept using direct current (DC) on certain parts of the cranium. Practitioners have claimed that it increases their cognitive abilities and cured their depression. The patent application on tDCS, US20130079659 A1, is funded and developed under Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000 between Sandia Corporation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

With our exclusive NeuroSweep® features, the device is capable of sweeping across two frequency endpoints for more effective and convenient CES and tDCS treatments.

The device comes with a separate high capacity Powerbank for safer off-grid eTherapy treatment, and with high-quality accessories for long, reliable use. It also comes with an easy to follow User Manual that includes a concise Getting Started section, a quick guide of the front panel controls, and a separate, detailed discussion of our research on the subject.

WARNING: For CES and tDCS applications, always start at the lowest amplitude by setting the relevant keys and knob prior to plugging the electrode pads in. Experts on the practice have determined that 2.0mA is the maximum current to have a significant effect that would last for 24 hours, at least. You will be given your own free multimeter for monitoring the actual current flow during any of the CES / tDCS treatments. All peripheral devices have their own user manuals and are easy to use.


  • Multiple preset standard and customized wave formats for flexible and wider therapeutic applications:
    • Sine wave – using the right frequencies, this is very useful for CES / tDCS treatments;
    • Square wave – using the right frequencies, this is very effective for neutralizing all types of parasites and viruses;
    • 16 CES premodulated waveforms and frequencies that are stated in various patents to be useful in attaining better resolution to substance addiction, insomnia, depression, etc.
  • User-defined parameter settings can be stored in any of the 10 memory locations per channel of the device;
  • Fully adjustable duty cycles (the time duration of an electric pulse in a given cycle). This is very useful when disorienting the parasites every treatment session, i.e. all parasites will never achieve electrical resistance, if that is even possible with parasites that are subjected to disproportionately high voltage pulses;
  • For CES applications, the near perfect sine wave is necessary to avoid odd harmonics inherent in many low-cost, fundamentally square wave CES devices that are prevalent in the market today. The unit is also capable of sweeping across a set of user-defined frequencies, say between 0.5Hz and 111 Hz, and higher, for multiple effects;
  • The signal amplitude range for CH1 and CH2 is fully adjustable to ensure user comfort. The user can also choose between AC or DC pulse signal output, depending on the actual requirement of the treatment. This is very useful for tDCS applications wherein you need to follow the strict polarity of the electrodes in the specific regions of the brain;
  • The unit comes with all the peripheral components and supplies needed to start the treatments upon receipt;
  • To ensure user’s safety, the unit is offered together with a high capacity and rechargeable 9v/12v/24v DC Powerbank that should be the only type of power source that is used to run the unit in every treatment session, whether CES or antiviral electrification.
  • Standard short circuit protection is also built into the device, and the whole package is fully compliant with all known medical and electrical regulations.

Proven to Work Since 1990s

This antiviral protocol has already saved thousands of cancer and AIDS victims since its first release in 1990s, and it deserves nothing less than the finest version so far.

The Virutron® Pro Full-Spectrum Antiviral is a non-invasive improvement on the same patented technology shown above, and is thoroughly discussed in our Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook.

Versatile and Easy to Use

In addition to the printed Getting Started booklet accompanying this device, the purchase of this unit will also include the relevant, fully illustrated DIY instructions from that same eBook, which are incorporated into the downloadable User Manual for this device. Note: Just open a support ticket if you haven’t received your download link due to a strict spam filter.

$200 Worth of Freebies

FREEBIE #1: We are giving away a high-capacity Powerbank for FREE for all customers! For US/UK-based buyers, they will receive 18000mAh External Battery Pack that enjoys good reviews in Amazon, or its equivalent.

FREEBIE #2: We are also giving away one (1) unit Digital Multimeter for AC/DC ampere monitoring during treatments. This unit features a 2000 count and backlighted display for easy readings across wave formats. This is also very handy for checking defective treatment cables.

FREE Digital Multimeter for monitoring the actual current flowing through the treatment site.
FREE Digital Multimeter for monitoring the actual current flowing through the treatment site.

For the specific purpose outlined here, you need not use all of the accessories that go with the meter, as shown on the right. Instead, we will simplify and provide our own color coded cables and easy-to-follow connection diagram within the User Manual, for proper execution of the treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

WARNING: Please use offline 9v to 24v DC power source only during treatment to avoid power utility electrocution.

FREEBIE #3: Premium Shipping

The price includes free shipping to most countries worldwide. We will choose the best courier for our mutual benefit. IMPORTANT: Premium couriers require physical address; PO Box will not be accepted. Click here for more information on shipping and delivery.

We ship within 24 hours from payment confirmation. Incoterm: Free Carrier [FCA].

*All packages will have generic descriptions that are in compliance with our strict privacy policy.

Package List

  • 1 unit Virutron® with NeuroSweep® Direct Digital Synthesis Pro BE+CES Device
  • 2 sets BNC Cable to 2 sets Shrouded Plugs for metering and CES Treatment;
  • 4 pcs. Removable Stainless Steel Electrodes;
  • 2 sets Electrode Adaptor for CES/tDCS applications;
  • 2 pcs. Reusable Straps (BE) with Separators;
  • 2 pairs Absorptive Pads for Mastoid CES and tDCS;
  • 1 unit Multimeter (shipped separately);
  • 1 unit Powerbank 12vDC (shipped separately);
  • Downloadable User Manuals

* The high-capacity Powerbank is FREE for all customers, and will be shipped separately from the main device to facilitate clearing at the Customs. Local Philippine customers will have their entire system shipped in one package.

** We continue to improve this package and if you received the latest 9v/12v/24v DC powered system, just make sure to use the OUTPUT socket of the Powerbank and not anything else.

WARNING: Never use the antiviral device with an AC adaptor/charger that is still powered directly from a household outlet, or utility mains.

IMPORTANT: Don’t buy this device out of curiosity only. Certainly, no refund is granted in this case. Buy the eBook Towards Healthcare Emancipation – Premium Edition instead, it surely answers all of your questions.


Full 1 year for parts and labor in case the unit needs repair. The unit can also be returned within the first week from receipt thereof. This warranty does not include all freebies, wires/cables and consumables that come with the package. For a complete information of our terms and policies, please click on Refund and Return Policy, and all other relevant links at the bottom of this page.

If you need any product support, just click on the Support link at the top portion of this page to open a ticket.


The actual device may have a different color due to differences in lighting, camera and monitor settings. Likewise, the labels and description on the front panel may not be reflective of its indicated purpose and for which it is intended, due to UCC and other legal restrictions. However, all the technical specifications stipulated above remain true and correct.

We are also required to not make any therapeutic claims, even when we have cured our own ailments a decade ago, and that we continue to enjoy a drugless existence ever since.

The CES technology is an FDA-approved technology, and is prescribed to US war veterans who prefer a non-drug intervention for PTSD, and for active duty personnel through the “Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program” at:

  • Fort Hood, Texas
  • Fort Campbell, Kentucky
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington
  • Naval Hospital, Bremerton, Washington
  • Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

… while the tDCS is still considered as an experimental modality by the medical establishment.

With this device, you are in full control of its operation, from the actual frequency to the magnitude of the signal during treatments. As a direct consequence of its proper use, you are now in full control of your own health.

It is therefore considered that the sale, acceptance and proper use of this device are solely of your own volition, and that its full, proper implementation is left to your own discretion, as a responsible Sovereign Human Being. If you disagree with all of the foregoing statements, please don’t buy this device.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some of the common loaded questions we have to deal with from the other side of the spectrum:

“This is too good to be true, this must be a scam.”

The ultimate objective with Real Science is to make life easy and comfortable. Capitalist Science, however, has a different idea. So, when something good comes along, it doesn’t mean that it’s not real. It just happens to be for a totally different purpose — a noble one in fact.

It’s not a scam when the seller provides a Full MoneyBack Guarantee during the entire period that it also claims that you can cure yourself of your ailments. It also is not a scam if it uses PayPal as the primary mode of payment because PayPal protects the buyer more than the seller whenever a problem arises.

Most importantly, it’s not a scam when it’s a one-time purchase only, and not make you perpetually dependent on the seller.

A scam is when:

  • only the “experts” can understand the language, and verify the data, used in the product insert and associated literatures;
  • the product is not required a guarantee, or the seller is not extending one, that it should work as advertised / prescribed;
  • you are required to purchase something repeatedly because it purposely doesn’t cure you at all;
  • the symptoms are masked while the underlying toxicity, or radioactivity, creates more problems in the long term;
  • you are told to trust marketing write ups, or “citations,” more than the direct first-hand testimonies, or “anecdotals” from actual users of the device, and;
  • the prescription is given by an “expert” who is also suffering from the same, or any other, ailment. Don’t be afraid to ask whether your doctor is suffering from the same hypertension, arthritis, or diabetes, as you might be. If the doctor is sick then he should not be in the business of prescribing drugs that he can’t cure himself with.

In deep contrast, we are promoting this technology from the standpoint of not being sick for the last 10 years, and we want you to experience what real healthcare freedom is all about.

“If it’s that good, then why is it not supported by the government?”

Governments are Corporations, too. The government sustains itself through profit and rentals [taxes] from us, the tenants. Both the landlord and the tenants must interface through an imposed system that even the access to the most basic of necessities, e.g. food and healthcare, are all subject to competition, or the survival of the fittest.

Nobody from the government that we forwarded this technology to would want to use it publicly. Interestingly, three directors of the health department that we’ve talked to 10 years ago also said that they don’t have any problem with our methods because there’s no toxic chemical involved. Instead, they advised us to be very careful with our “local detractors.”

This technology is real, simple enough to be implemented at home, and offers many advantages that are inherently absent from all mainstream modalities. But it is highly disruptive for the scarcity-based economic system that we are all in, as CNBC headlines the question, “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?, asked Goldman Sachs executive in a biotech report.

Incidentally, among our first customers for this device are medical doctors, and they haven’t returned their units yet up to now. The only way to find out if it works for you and your family is really to try it out with Full MoneyBack Guarantee, before it is suppressed again!

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