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Something very bad is happening in New Zealand

The government of New Zealand claims to have a forward thinking bureaucracy yet it is involved in a deliberate and wanton destruction of all animal species that are  endemic to the country, and by cross contamination all lifeforms in the affected area.

To think that the same deliberate spraying of chemicals is also done against the human population through Chemtrail in most countries today, and the introduction of heavy metals through the United Nations and state imposed compulsory vaccinations, we can only conclude that the people implementing these sinister programs are not really working for our best interest but are only serving a globalist agenda that exclude the Common Man’s welfare.

For those who are interested in looking at the bigger picture as to why exactly is the government of New Zealand is doing this, kindly explore the subject further from our geopolitics site.

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18 thoughts on “Something very bad is happening in New Zealand

  1. thank you for this enlightening info about my country! I knew some of this but certainly am even more shocked about the govt cover up of the facts!

  2. totally confirms for me that they are making our bush totally uninhabitable for humans so there will be no place to hide. There are vast wildernesses of bush here where it would normally be easy to hide.

  3. Nz dosent have states and vaccinations are NOT mandatory. Where u get your info? America?

    1. State is an alternate word for Government…. But you are correct vaccines are not compulsory

      1. Yet… it’s been considered then axed (for beneficiaries at least … the most vulnerable & manipulable section of the population) … the thin end of the wedge so to speak. Say it, then dismiss it (seed sown) then adopt it later on. “Documents obtained by the Green Party under the Official Information Act show there were also plans to introduce mandatory immunisation, based on the New Zealand childhood immunisation schedule, for children of beneficiaries.”
        I would add here also, those who opt not to vaccinate (which is considered irresponsible by and large by the medical fraternity) are submitted to multiple housecalls asking why no vax and numerous ‘guilt trips’ imposed by other medical ‘mafia’ when they present for any other health care. Not for the faint hearted.

      2. While vaccines are not compulsory as such, consider the situation of an elderly acquaintance of mine who was instructed by WINZ to be vaccinated or lose her benefit. Would you consider that compulsory vaccination?

        1. OMG elderly? That’s very interesting. This kind of pressure is p ut on young single parents for their kids’ immunization but the elderly? What kind of vaccination may I ask were they wanting her to have?

  4. plus the so called ‘elite’ are moving here (some of them anyway) (sorry for 3 posts)

  5. A few points:
    1. You used the word endogenous instead of endemic. They are quite different things
    2. The Graf boys (who produced the video that yo posted) are known to be very partisan in their views on 1080.
    3. Chemtrails are the stuff of conspiracy theorists.
    4. There are things of far greater importance to human health than those mention.

    1. Chemtrails could hardly be called conspiracy when the term is found in the HR2977 Congress documentation citing them as ‘an exotic weapons system’. They are very well documented as fact.

    2. Have you watched the Graf bros documentary Alan? Of course they’re partisan. They live and work in the forest, surrounded by nature in all it’s glory. And they see first hand the wanton destruction this poison causes. Just the way in which these animals suffer in death (sometimes up to 5 days of agony) should be enough to any sane person to realize how wrong it is. If you were to do the same thing to your neighbors pet, you’d be locked away. Yet the government does this to 100,000’s of animals, including the endemic ones they are trying to protect, year after year.

  6. Alan Liefting, you are an idiot, a dunce, ignorant, or a shill for the Elite. For anyone to make the statement that “Chemtrails are the stuff of conspiracy theorists”, definitely falls into one of the categories listed above.

    1. Alan is also very partisan in his views as a Pro Poisoner and your description of him is very accurate

    2. I should just ignore a personal attack that does not add anything to the discussion. But tell me, who are the ‘Elite”? And can I be one of them? (lol)

  7. […] the exposé of their plan to occupy a New Zealand territory as part of their escape plan [here]. […]

  8. I am appalled by the NZ Governments use of 1080 over the countryside/national parks. Chemical atmospheric trails are a fact, Just what is in the atmospheric trails that I’ve seen, well I don’t know. Obviously the 1080 bait pollution of the NZ national parks, rivers and streams, it flora and fauna which of course in nature includes wild ells, crayfish and such. But it also includes farm animals. It seems that the powers that be, the policy designers and policy makers, are herding what remains of the NZ population into its cities. Resulting in a vacant countryside.
    As an aside, did you know that there are too few milk producing cows to meet the requirement of Australian Baby Powder. These top grade Baby Formulas are been consumed by the Chinese grey market (its a dodgy import/export practice, but its not strictly illegal). Where have all the cows gone, and why. My heart bleeds for you, you who live with the 1080 genocidal phenomenon in NZ.

    Anthony p. Healy

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