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We are an independent researcher and developer of useful technologies that may help everyone in the area of free energy. It is our desire to write an instructional eBook for translating highly technical discussions pertaining to the subject, so that it can be made available without restrictions and limitations of its productive use.

As such, it has become apparent that we need to acquire laboratory instruments and materials that are beyond our present means. This is where everyone could come in.

The strategy that we use in order to raise the needed funds was the publication of the eBook on healthcare freedom titled “Towards Healthcare Emancipation” now on its Second Edition. However, in spite of its highly positive reviews, it has not brought enough funds to continue the project due to persistent refusal for publication by big eBook online stores.

We are, therefore, asking for your help in disseminating this helpful information to as many as you can, so that finally we can continue with our work.

Thank you very much. Mabuhay!


Off-grid living is never complete without your own off-grid healthcare system. In fact, that is one of the most critical components on how you can successfully live outside of the dog-eat-dog paradigm. A real off-grid healthcare technology is already being used to suppress any pandemic, destroy injectable microbots, and it offers many distinct advantages not attributable to mainstream conventions.

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