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We Can Go Back to Eden & See How Nature Provides Generously

If you were born and raised in urban centers and find gardening a herculean task, understand that you don’t need to break your back at all, if you know what nature wants, and how it works for you. Understanding how Nature works will definitely reduce the effort of producing good food for one’s table.

When watching the documentary below, just replace “god” with Nature, and you’ll be okay. Just focus on the method and principles that you need to know.

The featured documentary, “Back to Eden,” reveals a simple organic gardening method that not only can transform your personal garden, but may even be part of the food solution needed on a global scale.

It is estimated that even if only 10% of the global population will do natural methods of gardening, the combined yield would be enough to feed those who have no direct access to farms. Not to mention the effect on the prices of organic foods when there’s abundance of them in the market.

The great thing about the wood chips as a way of preserving soil moisture is that they are waste and most companies will give you all you want. But the most wonderful thing is that, the more consistent the gardener uses this natural waste, the healthier the soil goes, in the long term. Plus, the benefit of not required to water the plants anymore.

In contrast, the highly monotonous industrialized farming cannot sustain its yield without using all sorts of chemical which eventually destroy the soil structure in the long run. It would then take decades before the soil recovers from high concentration of acids from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

The output from such industrialized farms are noticeably less tasty, and evidently not nutritious at all. Good food intake, of course, is the primary determinant of good health.

In fact, it is still a huge puzzle how industrial farms profit from their huge expense of maintaining yields, and marketing thereafter. Not to mention the cost of greasing the regulators.

Natural farming requires less and less effort, higher yield than the last harvest, more delicious and healthy food. Better still, there’s no corruption of public servants involved.

Most importantly, gardening induces positive  psychological satisfaction knowing that you have reconnected to the Great Source of Life itself.

“It’s a good thing for me to just go out there, and work with plants, be quite, and enjoy watching them grow. Certainly, I feel most of my students haven’t experienced planting a tree, or plant, and they’re very disconnected. So, I think that’s part of the key, and the kind of food that they ate is heavily processed without nutritional value.

So, I feel that schools and communities should look at that seriously as a health problem, a lifestyle problem, and deal with that certainly through garden projects… if nothing else, it’s deeply meditative, and satisfaction knowing that you’ve grown some of your own food.”

Establishing one’s own food forest is the best way to go.

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  1. Hi Ed, I just finished watching the documentary. It’s very eye-opening. I’m going to apply the principles and convert my brother’s backyard into a small food-producing garden.

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