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When you catch a cold, here’s how to strike it out.. quickly!

You were working all day and when you arrived home, you began to notice, something’s not right.

Your throat feels scratchy, head a bit dizzy, and just when you are about to figure it out, you have begun sneezing. You just catch a cold.

How did it happen?

Was it the keyboard in the office, the handle bars on the commuter train, or the steering wheel in your car?

Everywhere you turn and touch is a source of different microorganisms that are too nasty enough, they could ruin the whole week if you don’t have the best countermeasure in your arsenal.

The cost that ordinary cold could inflict on the entire economy is staggering:

“Colds cause a lot of people to stay home. The CDC says 22 million school days are lost each year in the U.S. because of them. Some estimates say that Americans have 1 billion colds a year.” – WebMD

No matter how much you think you have taken the necessary precautions, some of these tiny viruses just slip their way through every time you touch your cute and pretty face.

Some of these nasty parasites are:

While other 30% of the bugs remain unidentified.

So, what’s the best course of action to strike out a pestering cold virus, identified or not?

Try using bicarbonate wipes.

What? Is it available in groceries, or in drugstores?

Maybe, not at this time. But if you’re an enterprising lot, nobody’s holding you up from running a whole mass production line out of it. Because the current “sterile” wipes are actually poisoned.

Six easy steps in making bicarbonate wipes

  1. Boil: 3 x 8oz glasses of drinking water;
  2. Prepare: wide glass bowl, 2 soft face towels, 1 pack baking soda;
  3. Spread evenly, at least 6 scoops of baking soda into the glass bowl;
  4. Slowly pour the previously boiled yet still warm water into the baking soda;
  5. Stir the mixture with a fork until the bicarbonate salt is completely dissolved;
  6. One by one, dip those soft face towels fully wet with the bicarbonate soda solution; soak and store them always in this solution while not in use.

Voila, you’ve just made the most powerful anti-cold virus wipes on the planet!

Congratulate yourself right away by putting one of the still warm, but not too hot, bicarbonate wipes into your entire face, gently wiping from top and downward a few times, providing emphasis on the nostrils.

You can use the baby dropper to put some bicarbonate drops onto your nostrils, in fact.

Remember, cold begins when the virus touches the inner linings of your nose and throat. Purposely wetting these areas with bicarbonate solution should neutralize these nasty bugs for good.

So, go ahead with your normal chores, but don’t forget to wipe your nose every 15 minutes, or so, using bicarbonate wipes only. Don’t worry, your wipes are completely sterile even with repeated use throughout the day. Please refer to step #6 above.

Completely ban the household use of commercial facial tissues and similar “sterilized materials”. They will make your cold much worse.

Now, how do you deal with viruses that have already penetrated your throat causing itchiness and dry coughing?

For dry coughing, you can improve the situation by drinking lots of water, but for directly killing the viruses so you can eliminate coughing for good, try drinking bicarbonate water.

Three easy steps in making bicarbonate water

  1. Pour 19 scoops of drinking water into an empty glass;
  2. Drop 1 scoop of baking soda into the glass of water mentioned in step #1;
  3. Stir the mixture with a fork until the bicarbonate salt is completely dissolved into the drinking water;

Voila, you’ve just made the most powerful anti-cold virus drink on the planet!

Now, take a sip, or two, of that newly mixed bicarbonate drink and purposely let the mixture flow very slowly down your throat to flood the replicating cold viruses with bicarbonate salts for as long as you can.

The relief is almost instantaneous, you won’ believe you have forgotten the medicine kit completely.

With both bicarbonate wipes, bicarbonate drink and an extra resalable zip plastic bag for occasional mucus discharges right at your bedside, you can rest assured that you will survive the night gracefully.

When necessary, refresh your wipes the next morning by following the same above procedure and just continue the treatment for the next three days. Just zip them in a resalable plastic bags so you could bring them to the office.

You can also drink of what remains of your bicarbonate water right from the bed and before you take your breakfast, to put your whole body in the right pH for the whole day. And if you need to bring a bottle of bicarbonate drink to the office, just follow the same procedure as outlined above.

Now, it’s time for the mandatory corporate clause:

If symptoms persist for more than a week, you can either choose to consult with your trusted physician, or try the more elaborate eTherapy protocol, and start taking full possession of your own life.

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  1. what size are you talking about when you say ” a scoop”, a teaspoon ,table spoon or what ?

    1. It’s the ratio or consistency of the solution that is more important, texx01. We are aiming for a 5% baking soda solution.

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