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Chemtrail Planes Caught in Action, Warn Population by Writing “Last Chance” Sky High

Commercial pilots are now gathering actual chemtrail operation evidence and some chemtrail pilots are writing their message up in the sky to warn the public to wake up now, or suffer the grave consequences later on.

This is in addition to several attempts to inform the public of what’s going on in our open, once blue, skies today.

The first video shows actual footage of chemtrail plane spraying chemicals of unknown composition.

The second video has been taken to show that chemtrail operations are being done in altitudes reserved only for commercial, or civilian, aircrafts, with their transponders off for plausible deniability.

Some of these sinister operations are being done during nighttime.

The next video below shows one chemtrail pilot expressing his frustration over the people’s inaction, and at the same time giving enough proof that their planes are not spewing contrails but real and deliberate spraying of chemical poison.

The lady below is risking her own life in trying to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of chemtrail operations.

Empirically, once you are confronted with the whole truth, you are then compelled to act, or suffer in silence for the rest of your life.

She made the right choice.

They are doing these operations under the cloak and dagger “weather modification” mantra, but in reality is actually aiming for the total destruction of all lifeforms on the planet.

If you are assuming that these operations are just limited to toxic chemicals, you are in for a shock. The operations also include biological weapons, i.e. airborne virus.

Aren’t they actually killing themselves, too?

Maybe. But they don’t exactly think like we do. What if they have access to anti-chemtrail devices?

What if they don’t actually live on the surface of this planet altogether?

8 thoughts on “Chemtrail Planes Caught in Action, Warn Population by Writing “Last Chance” Sky High

  1. What can we do?

    1. An excellent place to learn and/or input your opinions can be found here:

  2. Nineteen chemtrails were counted over Southern California today between 6:30AM and 9:30AM. At 6:30AM the western sky appeared that many chemtrails had already been sprayed many miles out over the ocean, and were drifting over the Los Angeles area. At one time there were 5 aircraft visibly spraying. By 9:30AM the “trails” had mostly merged together and the sky was visually more milky. It remained over several hundreds square miles for much of the day.

  3. Why ruin something good with wild claims? I admit, many of these videos are shocking, and warrant further investigation, but when you say “kill all lifeforms on this planet”, “not from this planet” and “anti chemtrail-devices”, you are destroying any shred of credibility from reasonable, rational skeptics. This is the reason why this hasn’t gone more mainstream. Even if you are right about these speculations regarding motive or whatever, there is no evidence whatsoever. You provide evidence for planes spraying chemicals and then mix in stuff that normal people will think you crazy for. Stay on the narrow path! Don’t make wild accusations you don’t have any backing for saying. You should encourage rational debate, not give in to your emotions. Please. Don’t ruin your own agenda.

    1. Dude you can clearly see that there is evidence of Chem trails. That’s that ignorant ranting bullshit….evidence is right in your face and you will still deny it!!! Most of the world is like that, straight rediculous, you must supports socialist Obama huh? 08 speech he said every word hittler said just a few words differently, there is plenty of evidence for that but it’s not true right?

    2. Unfortunately, the evidence which you request does exist, but until you undertake many hours of credible research, or are able to give credence to those who have conducted such research, you are in danger of dismissing what you are seeking as mere unreasonable speculation. If you truly are a seeker of information and can remain open to ideas, theories, and verifiable historical evidence which may be totally opposed to what you’ve been taught, it is highly recommended that you read the works of, or listen to interviews of John Lash and Jay Weidner for starters. Remember, “normal people” (reasonable, rational skeptics) believed it was crazy to think that human flight was possible and they also were convinced that the human body could not tolerate speeds of 20 mph without exploding! The list is long of “beliefs” which have been proven fallacious due to man’s inability to think outside the box, and his certainty that, during his experience of life on the planet, mankind has attained the highest level of intelligence…in spite of the fact that the pyramids remain a mystery! The mere suggestion that there is more to be learned and discovered about our existence and the possibility of the existence of other forces acting in ways which are not known to us aptly demonstrates that which you claim to deplore…your emotional reaction to that which is unknown.

    3. It is very simple: Unless you are a child, with no frame of reference of what a sky should look like, you only need to start looking up daily to CONFIRM there is a problem. Your eyes and a functioning brain is all you need. The details will always be debatable and what’s ‘wacky’ is subjective. Go to for your science and activism on this issue. Even if you don’t know it, or don’t believe it, you ARE negatively impacted by toxic substances in your air………if your are a human being!

  4. We have been taking picture’s of these for a while now and have informed many people but the reaction is mainly negative even after explaining the difference between chems & cons and certain parts of history we get the same old tosh that they do not believe in such stories, how can we open the minds of non believers and what can we do to expose the plain evil that has been done to the masses for centuries. The perpetrators governments and certain families should be held to account or be done unto them as they do upon us!! Why did Hitler persecute the jews could it be because he was the bastard son of a Rothschild, who did they bankroll in the second world war?

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