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Curing Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & other Neurodegerative diseases has never been easy

Conventional medicine doesn’t know how to cure any and all neurodegenerative diseases.

In fact, it has no cure for almost all known diseases. It can only mask their symptoms to allow the development of more severe conditions later on.

Worst of all, they are now plugging the idea of uisng a virus they think could possibly cure these neurodegenerative conditions.

“In 2004, the British chemist Chris Dobson speculated that there might be a universal elixir out there that could combat not just alpha-synuclein for Parkinson’s but the amyloids caused by many protein-misfolding diseases at once. Remarkably, in that same year an Israeli scientist named Beka Solomon discovered an unlikely candidate for this elixir, a naturally occurring microorganism called a phage.”

Yes, this is the same creative mindset which developed the vaccines with live “attenuated” viruses in them, which in turn needs fetus and other animal tissues to feed the same viruses, and require the adjuvant aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde to preserve the whole concoction.

Indeed, Medical Science has gone a long, long way, not forward but back to the Stone Age.

Those who are now suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases are getting younger by the day, and that’s not a compliment.

What we mean is that the onset of these two dreaded neurodegenerative conditions occurred much earlier today that it was decades ago, and this is because of the advent of fastfoods and unhealthy snacks, bottled water, industrial liquor and other toxic chemicals hiding behind appliances of convenience, yet still requiring perpetual refrigeration increasing their overall cost.

In spite of all these peripheral acrobatics, PharmaScience cannot cure the brain damage caused by these harmful chemicals because both mass produced junk foods and pharmaceutical drugs come from the same humongous enterprise, the chemical manufacturing industry.

They are all products of corporate biochemical manipulations for profit generation rather than by the careful and harmonious scientific interaction with Mother Nature that has been proven to produce better yield and of highest quality, in the long term.

And for those who would argue that organic farming can’t feed the whole word, here’s a video which dispels away that regressive corporate view.

So, while allied chemical industries are producing toxic junk foods peddled through most groceries worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry is also professionalizing the sale and distribution of chemical drugs that are neither effective, nor safe even when only used in short term duration.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the “human brain is 85% water, as well as the blood is 95% water. If water in the blood, or in the brain, is inadequate, both the proper delivery of nutrients to every cell in the body, and the proper functioning of critical organs are compromised. Water depletion, therefore, is the root cause of most diseases.

If water is adequate and brain diseases still persist, parasites like hookworms might be present in the hippocampus and need to be eliminated. Hippocampus is that area in the cortex that plays the key role in forming new memories. The brain cortex houses the thinking, planning and memory cells.

In addition to the above conventional view about the brain, it must be understood that water by itself has memory, and its molecular arrangement is affected by one’s prevailing mood and character.

Here’s a typical comparison between a healthy brain and the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient.


When water is inadequate, the blood supplied to the brain becomes murkier due to our failure to remove waste regularly. The antidote is simply feeding the body its natural essentials, e.g.

saba banana
  • 15 glasses [8 oz] of water daily;
  • 3 teaspoon of sea salt, not iodized, for increasing the water absorption, and avoid constant urination; Warning: iodized salt won’t melt with water;
  • Potassium from ripe yet uncooked saba banana – is needed to avoid salts from becoming kidney stones later on;
  • Raw roster-fertilized chicken eggs [watch the video below for more details], and;
  • Coconut oil – for its antibacterial properties and other health benefits;

By eating three times a day, the human body needs to remove fecal wastes three times a day also, or we become a walking septic tank. Not a good scenario at all.

The combination of waste carrying blood feeding to the already dried up brain due to water depletion is what gradually causes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

These are just some of the common sense prognosis and prescriptions from the 82 year old Filipino metabolism expert Dr. Jaime Dy Liacco.

It’s this type of broadcast that will brought down the profitably regressive Big Pharma, and whole Bill Gates-Monsanto GMO enterprise.

If you need a more aggressive treatment for more aggressive infection especially in the hippocampus, try our common sense protocol linked below.

2 thoughts on “Curing Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & other Neurodegerative diseases has never been easy

  1. One day future generations will look back at these times and wonder how over 7,000,000,000 people allowed themselves to be so disempowered by relying on a handful of elite companies to provide for everyone’s material needs.

  2. Does no one ever think about the thousands that suffer from RLS syndrome ,it is as you mention in the neurological family ,having been on dopamine tabs that the body gets used too , with augmentation and different problems it is so cruel ,and a lot of doctors think it your imagination ,it would be fantastic to find just one med of some kind for all brain problems

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