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Finnish Scientists Discover Method for Making Fresh Food Out of Thin Air

After the Russians announced that they have the technology of producing any material out of thin air and in industrial volumes using biochemical method of transmutation, now comes these scientists from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), who succeeded in creating a protein powder out of carbon dioxide and electricity.

The discovery is still on its early stages, but the idea looks very promising.

The ‘protein reactor’ is the size of a coffee-machine and currently takes a fortnight to produce a spoonful of protein powder. ‘Food’ has been created from carbon dioxide and electricity, according to a team of scientists.

The meal of single-cell protein may not revolutionize cuisine but it could open a way for a new type of food in the future.

The Food From Electricity study, funded by the Academy of Finland, was set up with no less an aim than to alleviate the world hunger.

Using carbon dioxide taken from the air, researchers from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) succeeded in creating a protein powder, which could be used to feed people or animals.


The “protein reactor” can be used anywhere with access to electricity. If it was used as an alternative animal feed, this would allow land to be used for other purposes such as forestry or more crops for human consumption.

Although the technology is in its infancy, researchers hope the “protein reactor” could become a household item.

Juha-Pekka Pitkänen, a scientist at VTT, said: “In practice, all the raw materials are available from the air. In the future, the technology can be transported to, for instance, deserts and other areas facing famine.

“One possible alternative is a home reactor, a type of domestic appliance that the consumer can use to produce the needed protein.”

According to the researchers, the process of creating food from electricity can be nearly 10 times as energy efficient as photosynthesis, the process used by plants.

Mr Pitkänen said the powder was a healthy source of protein.

“In the long term, protein created with electricity is meant to be used in cooking and products as it is. The mixture is very nutritious, with more than 50 per cent protein and 25 per cent carbohydrates. The rest is fats and nucleic acids.

“The consistency of the final product can be modified by changing the organisms used in the production,” he said.

… The study is part of a wider project called Neo-Carbon Energy which aims to develop an energy system that is completely renewable and emission-free.

This highly disruptive technology has been there all along. They are just gradually releasing it now that our food system is reaching unsustainable levels due to Monsanto herbicides.

Still think scarcity is real?

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  1. If these crazy pseudo-scientists want to produce “protein” from CO2 they can crack on as far as I’m concerned provided they use it to feed themselves and not attempt to foist it on the rest of us plebs. I get all the protein I need from fresh vegetables and fruit etc. and have no intention of eating their frankenfood garbage. Hunger and poverty can be eliminated virtually overnight if we take away the power to create money from nothing from the criminal banksters and place it firmly where it belongs: in the hands of the people!

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