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New Wearable COVID Tech that Constantly Tracks and Zaps People

There seems to be no shortage of invasive technology being invented, deployed, and worn in an effort to detect COVID-19 symptoms and/or track people’s whereabouts and personal encounters. Devices are being worn by American military personnel, American employees (see 1, 2), school children and staff, NFL players and staff, and perhaps others.

Expensive and controversial temperature-scanning technology has also been installed at schools, universities, and likely other locations. Experts continue to warn about the privacy risks and violations associated with this. Nevertheless, more wearables are being introduced and promoted as necessary.

From The New York Times:

The hot new COVID tech is wearable and constantly tracks you

In Rochester, Michigan, Oakland University is preparing to hand out wearable devices to students that log skin temperature once a minute — or more than 1,400 times per day — in the hopes of pinpointing early signs of the coronavirus.

In Plano, Texas, employees at the headquarters of Rent-A-Center recently started wearing proximity detectors that log their close contacts with one another and can be used to alert them to possible virus exposure.

And in Knoxville, Tennessee, students on the University of Tennessee football team tuck proximity trackers under their shoulder pads during games — allowing the team’s medical director to trace which players may have spent more than 15 minutes near a teammate or an opposing player.

The powerful new surveillance systems, wearable devices that continuously monitor users, are the latest high-tech gadgets to emerge in the battle to hinder the coronavirus. Some sports leagues, factories and nursing homes have already deployed them. Resorts are rushing to adopt them. A few schools are preparing to try them. And the conference industry is eyeing them as a potential tool to help reopen convention centers.

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Not being discussed nearly enough – all this technology exposes people to harmful electromagnetic radiation (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.) which can

Collecting and analyzing our sewage for track COVID sounds more appealing every day. Argh.

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