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One Man’s Experience Doing A Baking Soda Cleanse

Based on our own experience, a homemade 5% solution of baking soda can defeat most bacterial diseases. It can be applied topically or orally.

For open wounds one can apply baking soda powder on it and the wound will dry up and begins to heal. For skin diseases and rashes, there’s a need to use warm water for the solution to open up skin pores where bacteria are hiding. It doesn’t matter what type of bacteria are present.

For viral diseases, we prefer to use colloidal silver for its smaller size which should be able to penetrate the structure of the virus itself and prevent it from replicating any further. It doesn’t discriminate what type of virus it has to deal with.

Since one is salt and the other is metal, both treatments should not be done simultaneously. The best time to take baking soda solution orally is in the morning just after you gargle with it, too.

Colloidal silver is best taken prior to bed time. This gives ample time for its absorption into the blood where parasites are, the benefits of which is when you wake up in the morning and feel more energized.

But since pure silver may not be readily accessible for most people, it is therefore easier for most of us to just use baking soda, and you can save a lot just by using it for any hygienic purposes. Just bear in mind, anything that smells awful must be caused by bacteria and you can deal with them just by spraying baking soda solution.

What if one wants to cleanse the internal systems, how should one do it with baking soda?

Is a baking soda cleanse doable and effective?

One Man’s Experience Doing a Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Cleanse

by Dr Sircus


On December 11 I received a brief testimonial from a reader who started out by saying:

“I am not ill. But recently I decided to embark on a very simple 10-day Sodium Bicarbonate cleanse. I have been fasting & cleansing for over 40 years so I know my body responses quite well, however I had never before done a Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) cleanse. It was a thrilling 10 days.”

He went on to briefly describe how he ingested baking soda and molasses at a rate generally only recommended for people treating their cancer, bringing his pH up over 8. He reported:

Every cell felt like it was being wrung out like a sponge & fluids moving like a river to be eliminated. Every cell felt vibrantly alive & vital, throughout the whole body. In the days immediately afterward, my body, mind and heart feel light, free, and serene, relaxed, at ease, joyful, grateful and astonished at what was accomplished.

We asked for further information from him and an update on how he was doing after some time had passed. All along we have cautioned about the pH range people should aim for and cautioned about the dangers of becoming overly alkaline. We are aware of other consequences of and long-term effects of taking too much sodium bicarbonate as well.

Below is David’s full accounting of his 10 day cleanse with sodium bicarbonate. Being a very healthy man he fared very well but cautions others in attempting this.

December 17, 2014

I am 64 years old, quite healthy, strong, never been ill, no major surgeries, usually do landscaping for an income but during the cleanse I was not working at all so had time for plenty of R & R, but didn’t feel tired or needing to rest a lot. I used my time reading, studying, writing, meditating—maintaining a balanced approach, no extremes in anything in my daily life. I started the Sodium Bicarbonate cleanse because I was intrigued by Dr. Sircus’ writings on using Sodium Bicarbonate, and by various testimonial stories on-line; and I have a natural sense of adventure when exploring ways of healing and cleansing the body, mind and emotional realms of Being, and for cleansing and opening up the capacity for Spiritual expression.

We would like to have a few more details from you on how things went if you consent. Since the kidneys manage the fluid and electrolyte loads we are wondering if you noticed any depletion that you could identify since you were urinating so much?

Since I was drinking 2-3 large glasses of fresh orange, grapefruit, and lemon juice daily, as well as filtered water, one cup of coffee and one cup of tea, urination throughout was somewhat greater than usual, but not overly frequent. The very frequent urination was only on the 10th day and even then, mostly in the evening and during the night. On that last day, I drank a lot of water & juice, and I increased the water intake in the evening so urination was every half hour from 5 pm until bedtime at 9 p.m., then hourly throughout the night. I did not notice any symptoms of extreme electrolyte loss, I had a lot of energy and I went about my days as usual.

Sodium depletion can be a hazard to some. Heavy bicarbonate loads on the kidney can also sweep magnesium out in the excessive urination that occurs in the kidney’s attempts to balance bicarbonate levels. We are wondering if you noticed this happening.

I have been taking magnesium supplements (Mag. Chloride & Mag Citrate) for several years so I feel I had some reserves, and I did not notice any obvious signs of sodium or magnesium depletion. These days were not a fast or a strictly liquid diet; I ate moderately of sprouts, veggies and some modest intake of grains. I am vegetarian and the only dairy I use is a little cheese and some cream in my one cup of coffee daily. After the 10-day cleanse was over, I did feel a slight bit of cramping in my calf muscles, but nothing significant and that disappeared after one day.

Also after such extensive urination, it can be dangerous to rapidly revert back to normal fluid intakes….did you notice any problems with this?

I did not notice any discomfort or problems reverting to normal fluid intake; possibly because it was only on the 10th day that I drank an extreme amount of water & juice. My routine for years has been to drink a fair amount of water daily, and I always drink at least 2 glasses of various fresh juices daily (citrus, carrot, apple, wheat grass). After the 10-day Sodium Bicarbonate cleanse, I continued drinking water and juices as usual, and went back to my former daily routine.

Do you know anyone else who has tried this?

I have not known anyone who did a Sodium Bicarbonate cleanse. I discovered the wonders of Sodium Bicarbonate a few years ago through Dr. Sircus. I had no clear template for my recent experience, except from the Vernon Johnson account on page 145-48 of Dr. Sircus’ book Sodium Bicarbonate. So I made up my own version of a cleanse. I have over 40 years experience fasting up to from 2 to 14 days on water and/or juices, doing lengthy juice cleanses, doing juice and bentonite cleanses, mono diets, vegetarian for many years, vegan for several years, and colonics cleanses; so I know my own body responses quite well and I am used to monitoring myself both intuitively and through previous experience gleaned. The only monitoring I did was my own intuition perception and the Ph strips for saliva and urine tests.

Since you were healthy to begin with it may have been easier for you to regain and maintain balance throughout. People who have some illness might not have the same recovery potential. We are interested to learn more about the conflicting feelings you had during this cleanse….both physical and emotional.

Everything went quite smoothly, actually. No drop in energy, or blood sugar that I could detect. I ingested 2 tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate in one glass of molasses-water three-times-a-day for the first 4 days. I used herbal tablets as a laxative to help maintain adequate bowel elimination. I did breathing exercises, read sacred literature throughout, and had meditation times. There was some intestinal discomfort, gurgling and rumbling but nothing serious. On the evening of the 4th day, I found myself unusually animated, eyes wide-open, nostrils open, pacing about; and I determined to drop the Sodium Bicarbonate intake down to 2 tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate in one glass of molasses-water two-times-a-day, and I held this level till the morning of the 10th day. However, when I woke up on the morning of the 5th day, I felt relaxed, normal, and the animation/agitation of the previous evening had completely disappeared.

From the 5th day through the 9th day, I had slight bowel discomfort from rumbling & gurgling, but nothing serious; and I had an occasional mild headache, but not enough to cause concern or change the routine. Urination was moderate during the day and every 2 hours throughout the night. I did Ph tests 3-4 times a day and found that my saliva Ph was stabilized around 6.5 – 7, and my urine Ph was a constant at around 8.5 throughout, early morning and late night. I was feeling very well.

However, on the afternoon of the 9th day I noticed that my urine Ph had dropped to around 7.5 so I determined to finish the cleanse by using 2 tsp of Sodium Bicarbonate in one glass of molasses-water four times on the last day. I made this decision completely on the basis of my own instincts and intuitive guidance, as I had no one to guide me or suggest anything otherwise, and it felt like a clear, creative decision.

The 10th day went smooth throughout, with intake of slightly more water and juice all day because I had decided to eliminate all solid food for 24 hours and make the last day one of only liquids. I felt at ease and light as a feather. However, around 5 p.m. I found myself feeling that I really had to start drinking a lot of water, so I did, and I drank 7 – 8 glasses of water from 5 p.m. to bedtime at 9 p.m. I was awake hourly throughout that last night, up hourly to urinate and sip some water, then back to bed went to sleep immediately—this happened throughout the night: up hourly to urinate then back to bed and sleep soundly for an hour then up again, following the same routine till morning.

When I got up I realized that I had thoroughly enjoyed the whole night and I felt rested and refreshed. Even though I had been awake and up hourly, it was as if I had slept soundly all night. I realized while lying in bed before getting up that I felt amazing, and that I have been feeling surges of ecstatic energy current rippling through my body temple all night, and lying there I felt relaxed, serene, and at the same time highly energized, tranquil and ecstatic. Every time I woke up during the night I could feel a sensation like a magnetic drawing of something, some substance, whether physical or electrical/energetic, from all cells in my body to a central location (which seemed at once to be an everywhere-center), and allowing for a wonderful, ecstatic purification and elimination process—it was at once quite uncomfortable and at the same time extraordinarily lovely and ecstatic. In the morning; no headache; no extreme urination; bowels emptied. Urine Ph at 8.5.

When the cleanse was over, I felt so good physically, mentally alert & serene, emotionally grateful and tranquil, spiritually rejuvenated, blessed, focused, grateful, with much new insight spiritually. In particular, I noticed how light and relaxed my eyes felt, and I think I lost about 15 pounds during the cleanse, and my flesh felt LIGHT. Literally LIGHT.

How long has it been since you did the cleanse now? Have you continued to feel well and freed? Please provide us with an update and further information if you will.

For 3 days after the cleanse the only remarkable event was that I noticed that when I first got up in the morning I felt unusually hungry; and this is unusual for me because I am never hungry in the morning and always, for years, I only take liquids, juices till about noon, then eat lightly. Therefore, for those 3 days, I ate some food in the morning, but then the hunger sensations receded and I have gone back to liquids only until noon.

I continue to feel wonderful. This Sodium Bicarbonate cleanse was one of the 6-7 most wonderful fasting and cleansing experiences I have ever had. I do not know if I could ever duplicate or repeat it exactly. The timing was perfect for me. I do not think I would recommend my approach, on this occasion, to anyone else, because each one has to find what works for them. And what worked for me on this occasion might not work the same way on another occasion; and it might not work at all for someone else.

As I mentioned, I was not ill in any way when I started the cleanse. I have never been extremely ill in my life. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand 1.5 years ago. Strength and flexibility is returning to that hand, and I do feel that this recent cleanse has made the hand feel better too. In addition, I started running again this past week, after not running for the past 7 years.

I would like to do a similar type of cleanse again some time in the near future—before the end of winter here, but perhaps incorporating a few different elements: more fasting, colonics, use of bentonite, greater use of magnesium chloride & sodium bicarbonate baths, etc.

I am so thankful for this recent experience. I am grateful for the book, Sodium Bicarbonate by Dr. Sircus, and for all of his writing and recommendations, which are freely available on-line. I love the injunction: “Freely ye have received, freely give”—I see Dr. Sircus doing just that. In addition, it is good that he has e-books and consultations, etc., and extend the blessing freely to all who have the courage to take the steps necessary according to their own individual need.

Blessing, and thank you, to you and to Dr. Sircus. db

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