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Book Reviews

The reviews just keep on coming…

Dear Ed,

I already read 125 pages the first night after I discovered your book. You saved me a lot of work! It is the type of book I wanted to write, so thanks for saving me the trouble.

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago I started my research and turned down the allopathic therapies, although I was operated on twice because I could learn fast enough and was like everybody else naief. I see the big picture like you.

Take care and I hope my donation helps in cracking the free energy puzzle 🙂

If you wanna know more about me please check

In dutch though!

TXS again,

Linda W


Just purchased your Ebook  order # 967.Bought with the hopes of being able to print it off. Reading the fine print it sounds like it might be allowed.

I asked the question at an earlier date and you said it was  O.K. I could do it myself but for the amount of pages i would rather take it to a printing company, but in reading the copyright to them  over the phone ( the one at he start of the book and the one that’s at the bottom of most of the pages) they question if it is right to make a copy, and would need to read the copyright themselves.I prefer reading hard copies of books so if you could confirm if it is O.K. to make a copy, and if so how can i convince them it is all good.

Book looks great i can’t image the time putting it all together, keep hungering for the truth.




THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Link worked great. Downloaded a copy to my phone and computer so I can have access at my convenience.

I like the new additions to the book. They make the information more user friendly.

I very much look forward to getting a copy of the alternative energy book you are working on. Any idea about a finish date?? Can you send me an e-mail notification when it is ready for purchase? That would be great. I am in the process of reading the new edition and digesting the new info. Great work!! Keep it up!!

Thanks for all your help!



What a fantastic book, it is going to take me sometime to digest all the info, some of info I have known since 1974 and it is hard to show the sheep, what is going on, this book will help greatly in that endeavor. I need a hard physical address to donate, thank you.

Henry R. F.


Comments to the First Edition

Early on, we’ve received countless testimonials to the credit of the work we do. Some of them are the following:

I am extremely impressed with the format, graphics, and pictures. This isn’t just text.. it’s a fully illustrated, well thought out and put together work of art.



What you’ve created is an encyclopaedia of what it takes to live well and live long. Many thanks!

Brian T, UK


…, I would like to thank you very much for this amazing book!!!  I’ve read the whole thing in the last 2/3 days and must say it’s been very inspiring…

Nolan L, UK


Thank you for all your time and effort. I have not finished the ebook yet. It is chocked full of excellent information and I am looking forward to getting the supplies and experimenting with this technology. When I get my disability check I’m going to send you some more of the paper money for I have shared this with a couple of people, I hope that is/was ok for they would have not bought it for themselves but now they are reading it. My dearest thanks to you, you are a true brother. In loving grace,



Thank you for writing a book that covers so much great info in a way that simpletons like me can understand. I’m looking forward to the next book.



I’m fully convinced about the technologies that you’ve presented and from hereon I will follow all your advice. They are very practical and everyone should be doing the same. Thank you very much for what you do.

Lisa, Connecticut USA


Your research work is excellent and scientific. I am now practicing your recommendations. Thank you very much!

Thomas Tong, Ph.D.


What I like most about this book is that, not only does it give you a complete picture of why the [medical] world is behaving like it is; it presents a very comprehensive yet uncomplicated solution. A solution that is inexpensive, everybody should be doing it as I am.

This is beyond healthcare freedom!

Ed, a million thanks to you. You are a lifesaver and a true brother indeed.

Richard, AUS

May we add that those who have experienced the benefits of eTherapy Protocol have chosen to keep their privacy intact and, as always, we respect that. However, there are those whose gratitude can’t be muted such that they chose to contribute to the effort of spreading healthcare freedom by keeping our blog alive.

May we emphasize further that the above reviews were for the 1st edition only. We have since then pushed the envelope even farther and better this time with the just released Towards Healthcare Emancipation – 2nd Edition.

Without the benefit of online ads, our 1st edition page received several endorsements from those who have downloaded the eBook, like so:


The Facebook shares continue to grow as you are reading this. Just click on the image above this text for the latest numbers.

We are fully indebted.

So, if you happen to love our work, we would appreciate if you could also help us increase the level of awareness about such monumental task by liking our Facebook Page and/or posting useful review or comments below.

Thank you very much. Mabuhay!

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