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Patented, Tested & Easy as 1-2-3!

Practical and doable solutions, that’s the awesome qualities of the technologies presented in this groundbreaking book. However, those same qualities are the reason why the would be reader, conditioned with the “complicated approach must be good” mindset, is skeptical at first.Getting past the conventional assumptions, and really implementing the protocol erases all doubt forever.

We have tested it on countless individuals. Dr. Robert C. Beck himself tested it, in collaboration with doctors and a laboratory, on more than a hundred AIDS and cancer patients.

And if our words are not enough, extract a dish of your blood and electrify it. Peek through a microscope before and after this procedure. If there are still microbes moving around then, don’t use this protocol.

It’s that easy to verify the reliability of this method.

Don’t get us wrong though. The protocol described in this eBook is not that invasive. There’s no need for blood extraction during the treatment or for diagnostic purposes. Your body will stay intact throughout the whole exercise.

There’s no possibility for blood contamination either as is common with conventional methods, e.g. haemodialysis.
Dr. Kaali has solved this problem for us, as early as 1993.


This patent covers a solution to AIDS and cancer, and yet the mainstream media are still parroting that such discovery does not exist. So why are you still listening to them?

Act for your own self, and be the captain of your own soul. Don’t let the Corporations dictate the fate of your own lives.