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Why fluoride is poison & who benefits from It?

The symbiotic relationship between the government and the corporations can best be illustrated through this toxic byproduct from the fertilizer industry, i.e. fluoride.

Russia Today, the only TV channel that is capable of telling the truth these days, has produced a short summary of why we need to demand for fluoride’s removal from our water system now.

Water Fluoridation Facilities

Austin area aerial photosschemmatic-diagram-of-lake-chaplain-water-treatment-plant-1-28-12.jpegGeren Island Water Treatment FacilityhydrofluosilicicAcidWarningLabel

It really boggles the mind why does the government allowed the use of this toxic chemical to enter the water system for decades. There really is no scientific  explanation whatsoever to support its implementation, and the only  reason the government is doing it is because it is under the control of Big Corporations.

Big Corporations want big profits, while the government prefers a more docile citizenry through fluoride doses to mitigate dissent. Mutual interests served.




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