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Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines

Western pharmaceutical companies have been opening up in Asia in the last few years introducing vaccination programs , and unsurprisingly autism rates have soared.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Western pharmaceutical companies have been opening up in Asia in the last few years introducing vaccination programs , and unsurprisingly autism rates have soared. reports:

Saigon Tiep Thi newspaper Wednesday quoted a study from the National Hospital of Pediatrics as saying that the number of children diagnosed with autism at the Hanoi-based hospital’s Physiotherapy Department in 2007 was 50 times higher than in 2000

Korea is another country where autism rates have risen since the introduction of vaccination programs. Autism rates are as high as 1:38.

Neonatal-HBV-Vaccination-Reduces-Liver-Cancer-Risk-2y9l5bnnjrgk0swn5ubr40 reports:

This study is further evidence that autism transcends cultural, geographic, and ethnic boundaries and that autism is a major global public health concern, not limited to the Western world

The following videos are doctors who decided to do their own research on vaccinations and decided to speak out against them.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Dr Toni Bark

Dr Shiv Chopra

Dr. Russel Blaylock

Dr Raymond Obomsawin


24 thoughts on “Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines

  1. What can we do instead? I remember polio and all the kids who were crippled. I knew some children who were deaf and blind from measles (I myself had measles of every kind there was with no bad effects). How can we control these diseases without creating new problems? Because it does look like polio is pretty much gone from most of the world now. Is it the vaccine or just the carrier in the vaccine or do we know?

    When we did the shots individually (not all lumped together was the outcome any different?

    1. People always hold up Polio as a gold standard example of how vaccines are good. Until recently, I didn’t know much about it but I decided to look into it. I discovered that they actually changed the diagnostic criteria for Polio. Now there is a difficult process of 60 days and 2 stool samples and/or a spinal tap to confirm it’s polio. It actually mostly passes undetected or with flu-like symptoms, generally passing in 72 hours. Serious effects are a very small percentage and easily treated these days. They changed the diagnosis a few weeks after bringing in the vaccine and when they did so it immediately wiped the majority of polio cases out (as it now wasn’t classified as ‘polio’). You can be diagnosed with ‘non-polio paralysis’ or ‘polio vaccine induced paralysis’. In both cases it’s not marked down as polio although those, and many other, illnesses are identical to polio. You can look this up yourself to confirm, I have just written it as I remember.

      1. You are absolutely right, Amanda. Only those who thoroughly research will understand this. Most people just go with the popular notion that vaccines eradicated polio. Another good point is how many people developed cancer from an ingredient used in many of the vaccine formulas. As many as one third of recipients developed tumors – and most perished as a result. Ignorance is not bliss on this subject – too many lives are at stake!

        1. Rubbish! What deluded sort of world do you actually live in? Polio killed and crippled large numbers of people and don’t even get me started on Smallpox.

          1. i suggest you watch infectious disease expert, Dr. Michael Greger’s presentation here as he explains the two most significant threats humans have manufactured all by ourselves, no ISIS, no terrorists, just a really insane food concept that led to every communicable and non-communicable disease we spend 14% of GDP combating.
            Looking at human species broadly, it appears our self assumed title of intelligent top of the food chain species, is not playing out. There’s no intelligence in eating yourself out of house and home and doing so in a way that causes unmitigated agony, trauma and suffering to other beings. And to do this by choice, not necessity because you have been marketed to do so by your own government?????I feel like I live in an insane asylum considering itself normal.
            Reminds me of the movie King of Hearts…
            Every virus manifest came from animals and mutated to human form. Not a very bright way to create a food system now responsible for 51% of GHG emissions, so called chronic disease, and resource pollution and depletion from feeding 65 billion so called farmed animals. Can someone show me evidence that the human being is intelligent when it is poisoning itself and its entire life support system on this finite planet?

    2. There actually are ways to treat these illnesses. Measles is easily treated with Vitamin A. Polio responds well to high dose Vitamin C. But sadly most people and even most doctors don’t know how to treat illnesses naturally. But allowing the body to be exposed to these illnesses and treating them naturally strengthens the immune system in a way vaccines cannot possibly. And an additional benefit is keeping the toxins in vaccines out of our kids bodies because aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. are far worse than any disease.

      1. Adopt a plant based diet. Our domestication of animals and keeping them in such unnatural, stressful conditions, living closer to them than intended, is the culprit of SO much of what ails human society; Viruses plaguing humans ALL began in animals and mutated to infect us. A HUGE boon for vaccine makers at the cost of human disease and suffering. The suffering we inflict is the suffering we get back.

    3. Diagnosis for the Autism spectrum has vastly increased with growing recognition of it as a thing. This is great because the kids are no longer just considered “dumb”.

      1. Talking specifically about AUTISM, not all the Autistic Spectrum Disorders as a group, at least three different studies have confirmed that improved diagnosis, changed diagnostic criteria, increased recognition, etc. does NOT explain the tremendous increase in the number of kids diagnosed autistic in the U.S. One recent analysis concluded that 75-80% of the increase in autism cases is “real”, not due to changing diagnostic criteria. Another study found no relationship between revised diagnostic criteria and “change points” in autism prevalence.

        Autistic kids have very distinctive behaviors. They are not easily confused with mentally retarded kids, kids with cerebral palsy, children with Reactive Attachment Disorder, etc.

        It’s the vaccines manufactured on human fetal cell lines that have by far the greatest potential for triggering autism. This has been shown to be true in the U.S., the U.K., Western Australia, and Denmark. Chances are that the dramatic increases in autism in China and Korea are due to the introduction or greatly increased use of human fetal cell line vaccines (MMRII, Varicella, and Hep A).

        Here are two research reports worth careful study: (1) Theresa Deisher et al., “Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979” and (2) C. D. Nevison, “A comparison of temporal trends in United States autism prevalence to trends in suspected environmental factors”. Both of these are easily found on the internet. In Nevison, it’s particularly important to follow the link to “Additional File 1” and study ALL of the graphs comparing autism incidence to environmental factors.

        1. The broader and more insidious crime as I repeat over and over, is that VACCINES are a response to viral infectious diseases which ALL mutated from animals to humans due to the domestication of other species and unnatural ways humans confine, genetically manipulate, consume and exploit. See work of Dr. Aysha Akhtar and infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Greger. We’ve created our OWN monsters by the unnatural and exploitative violation of non-human beings. Those whose jobs rely on this ingrained,accepted anthropocentric exploitation are many.From USDA to NIH, economic empires sit on top of exploiting animals and human life suffers in its wake.
          Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Aids, Chicken Pox, Pertussis, and many others, including the potential for the next virulent avian flu pandemic ( 48 million birds were killed in obscene ways because of a virus which spread through the poultry industry and all media and public gave a damn about was egg prices; )can all be blamed on human malfeasance and creating the insanity of a food system that causes diseases of every kind. This is the scenario of what happens when intelligence is absent morality, as is the case in our concept of food and abhorrent exploitation of animals, including human children suffering from the consequences.
          Distraction in ISIS takes attention from the real culprit, unbridled capitalism that seeks economic solvency at all costs, including shooting up children with toxins that interrupt normal biochemistry.

  2. Because sanitation, not vaccination, fights diseases like polio. You didn’t remember “all the kids”, because polio is only .07% debilitating. You probably remember the outbreak of polio BECAUSE of the vaccinations.

  3. Polio has no case reports about 20 years in the world with access to water and electricity. And then… now, 2 cases, in Ukraine, virus vaccine derived :

    The vaccine are good. But now there are too many: the new born until 1 year receives 10-12 shots some of these are 6 viruses combined. Definitely this is too much for their small body.

  4. Where is a peer reviewed paper on this? If there is non – this is a new version of the already debunked autism myth…

  5. The bigger question here is why are we putting such a stigma on Autism? Let’s ignore the fact that any link between the two has been debunked and pretend it’s a real thing. Who cares? Autism isn’t the end of the world and honestly, I wouldn’t trade mine for anything in the world–especially a potentially fatal illness. If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids, don’t, but quit waving my neurology as the flag in front of it. That’s just gross.

    1. Maybe you’d feel differently about not wanting to trade your autism “for anything” if you were one of those kids who couldn’t speak, write or communicate and was still wearing diapers at age 22. Most kids with autism today suffer from chronic diarrhea, gut inflammation and autoimmune illness; 25% have seizures, and nearly all have immune systems so damaged that their chances of developing lupus, diabetes, Crohn’s, MS, and other autoimmune diseases is vastly higher than the rest of the population.

      This forum isn’t about neurodiversity. It’s about HEALTH.

  6. Vaccines are a response to viruses. Viruses are manifest from animals such as AVIAN Influenza, which started in poultry and mutated to human form. Dr. Michael Greger’s presentation on point source viruses is impressive. See it here; Humans have created our own diseases which make billions for research, medical, drug companies….Our unnatural relationship with animals spawned the viruses, infectious diseases vaccine makers profit from. NIH gets $52 BILLION annually to find “cures” for what ARE diet related diseases.

    If the global community stopped using, breeding, eating animals, these viruses would abate and the threat would drastically decrease. It’s beyond insane to inject babies with ANYTHING. What madness to impair their natural immune system…. Economics trumps morality. This is a confirmation of that.

    1. You really want to kill all the animals on the planet?

      1. No, I want to live in harmony, naturally with ALL animals on the planet we SHARE. Farmed animals are human creations from centuries of genetic manipulation that turned WILD Auroc’s into meat and milk machines. SO cruel and violent to have abducted a wild animal and manipulated it’s body to provide disease inducing fare for the human herbivore, which are anatomy most certainly is. How variant of us to steal the wild porcine from their NATURAL habitats as rooters, traveling up to 30 miles per day in close knit social structures, to become industrial pig production for all that cancer causing fare that forces them to live in sheer unmitigated HELL. YES, I want these industries to STOP exploiting, genetically manipulating animals for human gustatory satisfaction and some narcissistic addiction to feel power as top of the food chain, a psychosis that remains the cycle of violence and domination claiming lives of all species. Yes, I think it abhorrent and a grave misstep in human history that we turned the wild jungle fowl, into a bird that is confined in filth, concentration camp style warehouses, laden with toxic fumes, in rows of wire cages piled high, crammed in, unable to do what they were naturally born for which is living on their own, in their own social structures, free from bodily abuse and violence, consequently getting sick with viruses that mutate and sicken and kill humans…. I want to spare them the obscene suffering the endure in the myriad of ways humans violate their autonomy. I do NOT want them used for invasive and cruel research to find “cures” for the diet related preventable illnesses humans succumb to from eating them in the first place. WE SHOULD NOT be breeding and eating them. It is a sick system founded on an ill conceived ideology that IS KILLING everything on earth, including the dumbest two legged mammals who think they are so smart while eating themselves to death and taking others along with them…

  7. There is no link between vaccines and autism. All we are seeing is improved diagnosis due to the same westernised medicine that also offers vaccination. Autistic kids were still autistic before they were labelled as such.

    1. Although some autistic kids now completely or partially recover thanks to skillful biomedical treatment, autism is still a catastrophic disability (with very distinctive behaviors that distinguish autism from other disabilities such as mental retardation or cerebral palsy) from which many kids DO NOT recover. And previous to the development of biomedical treatment, extremely few autistic kids recovered. So — since so many autistic kids grew up without recovering, where are all the autistic adults that there should be if you’re right and “autistic kids were still autistic before they were labeled as such”? Researchers have gone into institutions looking for all these autistic adults and have not found them…because the incidence of autism back in the early 1970’s or so really was just 1 in 10,000 kids. There actually has been an enormous increase in the incidence of autism since 1980, with the U.S. incidence now something like 1 in 68 kids.

      Recent change-point analysis of autism incidence in four different developed countries (U.S., U.K., Denmark, Australia), conducted by Theresa Deisher et al. (using government statistics on autism incidence) very clearly implicates certain vaccines in the causation of autism. The vaccines implicated are MMR (since 1979), Varicella, and Hep A — all of which are manufactured in human fetal cell lines, and all of which are heavily contaminated with human DNA fragments capable of “insertional mutagenesis”.

      In addition, there are now hundreds of other studies demonstrating the vaccination-autism link and several different specific mechanisms of harm that can contribute to the development of autism, a disorder in which multiple causes interact.

      In short, your comforting little litany about “no link between vaccines and autism” and your implied “no significant increase in autism” are false.

    2. Antidotal …….. I went to elementary school in the late 70’s and 80’s. Maybe 600 children in the building and only one child that was autistic in the entire student population. One out of 600 children. Today, across the county, my children attended a similar sized elementary school of 700 children. In this building, this school year, there are 23 children with autism. There is definitely an increase in this disease, not in the diagnoses. Like another commenter stated, children with autism are not confused with children that are mentally retarded or labeled “slow, learning disability”. The fact that autism rates rose in Asia where they started western style vaccinations does not surprise me.

  8. All, George Soros and the mafia is doing a great job. And what we have called ‘Fake News’ since 2001 !

    Why do you get so upset? There are so many facts, that proved this. But of course, Big Pharma has big money and support the 2 allowed parties to co-govern.
    Mr. Trump is the only one that spoke about this. And, they cannot control him. Therefore, the mandate is to remove him at all costs.

    Why do we have to swallow your unnecessary anger and blindly disbelieve the fact that Mercury, Aluminum, asbestos, GMO of creatures in Vaccines that had NOT Clinical trials are ‘safe’ for newly borns or small creatures?

    No wonder the Moham. Armies will eat you up.

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