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Water Fuel Technologies are Real

In 1969, a compatriot Daniel Dingel approached the late Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos for the implementation of energy systems that run solely on tap water. The latter refused to give in to the plea due to the planned installation of a nuclear power plant. This nuclear plant was about to be switched on in 1986, but Marcos was kicked out from his 20-year dictatorship, denying the country from cheaper electricity for home and industrial use.

The succeeding administration mothballed the said nuclear plant and also rejected Daniel Dingel’s renewed plea for his water fuel technology implementation, even after the female president has proved it to herself that the water fuel technology works.


Since then, this waterfuel technology has inspired many independent researchers, experimenters, and tinkerers from around the globe.

Best Hydroxy Technologies

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
June 30, 2014

Last Friday morning, June 27, while doing an interview on Joyce Riley’s Power Hour program for two hours, when a caller asked about what technologies are available to buy now; reflecting on our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, I was about to say, “Unfortunately, there are not yet any exotic FE technologies available for sale;” but then it occured to me that hydroxy systems, which we had been discussing in the interview, have been on the market for several years, and they certainly fit the description of “exotic”. They have been ignored and spurned by mainstream science and media, for the most part; with a few rare exceptions.

So really, just as I have QMoGens as a general class as one of the listings in the Top 5, I need to add Hydroxy as a general class as one of the listings, and it belongs in position number once since it is already in the marketplace making a difference. Indeed, it’s even getting to the point of becoming recognized and going mainstream in some places.

I must admit that I’ve not been paying nearly as close attention to that sector in the past few years as I used to do, so I’m not really up on who the best players are, or who the key players are. So I beseech you, my audience, to help me populate this page and to rank the companies, so that the best are properly recognized.

The criteria I would include, in order of preference or importance include:

  1. Amount of power enhancement it provides
  2. Credibility of claims backed up by data: third party testing, installations, number of units installed to support the data
  3. Its stage of arrival in the marketplace: is it pre-market, new to market, already in market, strong presence in market
  4. Affordable
  5. Ease of installation
  6. Ease of maintenance
  7. It’s ability to expand globally through licensing
  8. Value, reliability, customer satisfaction

If you have a lot of suggestions for this list, please send me an email listing your recommended sequence, and some of the key reasons. Thanks. Shorter suggestions are also welcome, such as a hydroxy system you know of that should be listed that isn’t yet. If you are one of the technologies listed, an update would be appreciated. Please include:

  • Validation (e.g. third party testing, units installed and data collected from customers)
  • Best-selling unit / model name and specs
  • Units sold so far
  • Units sold in 2014
  •  % Improvement in mileage
  • Price of unit
  • Number of countries units shipped to
  • Customer satisfaction

Leading Companies In the Market

Global Energy Devices

Have sold 72,000 systems. Located in Prescott, Arizona, USA.

Epoch Energy HHO

  • – Has sold thousands in around 25 countries. Doesn’t presently sell fuel-enhancement systems, but has a new model in the hopper.
    • Let them know you heard about them from PES. That can help us stay afloat from commissions.
  • Epoch Energy HHO wins globe energy award – This technology has won the globe energy award 3 times, the hho technology the affordable, practical and available now!! This is the answer to high cost of fuel and pollution. HHO generators are available from ebay!! (Free Energy Blog; November 11, 2013)

Peter Crunk of HHO Gas Technology LLC is a distributor

  • – sells Epoch brand machines
    • Let them know you heard about them from PES. That can help us stay afloat from commissions.

TEL : +886-7-6235588 FAX : +886-7-6221133 E-Mail : ep***@ox**********.com
Address : No.3, Bengong 5th Rd, Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City, 82059, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Jiangsu Huaian Factory
TEL : 0517-89335666 FAX : 0517-89335999
Address : No.105, Wang Heng Sheng Road, Economic Development Zone of Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province. Postcode: 223005

Steve: GreenFuelH2O

I’ve used one of Steve’s 31-cell systems for my H-Cat testing. I visited his shop in Orem, Utah, just a little over an hour drive north of here, where he assembles these systems for distribution. (Video) Good stuff.

  • (Affiliate link gives PES credit for the referral and commission on sales) – “Worldwide shipping available. Thousands of customers in more than 90 countries. Hydrogen generators can be assembled with parts found at any hardware store. Plans and parts lists are available free, here on this site. Increase your gas mileage 20% to 40%. We encourage you to build your own or you can purchase one of our assembled kits.”

On July 01, 2014 10:24 AM [MDT], Steve wrote:

Green Fuel h2o has been in business since 2008. While other companies have come and gone during this time we have survived by providing our customers with highly reliable heavy duty products that do what we say it will do. We don’t promise outrageous claims that cannot be validated. On average our systems can increase your fuel economy 20 to 30%. We carry a wide range of hho related products and accessories to choose from. Our systems are easy to install and generally take only 2 to 4 hours to complete.
HHO systems available for most vehicles 1 to 15+ liters
HHO supporting electronics.
Individual components available.
See our customer testimonials here: [if you plan to purchase, enter the site through which will give PES the referral credit.]
Distributors are welcome. We offer a 15% discount of our retail prices and we also drop ship.

James Culture: H2HyPod

Ultimate Cell

  • Ultimate Cell hydroxy story in EuroNews – This is definitely one of the more professional news story about a company that seems to be the furthest along in their rate of sales. HHO is maturing, making it into the mainstream without looking crazy any more. (Free Energy Blog; June 19, 2014)
    • 4000 sold in 2014 as of June.
    • up to 30% improvement in mileage
    • Let them know you heard about them from PES. That can help us stay afloat from commissions.

George Wiseman: Eagle Research

George is one of the iconic figures in the industry, having been pioneering hydroxy research and product development for decades.

  • HyZor – Onboard electrolyzer technology is said to improve mileage by up to 50%. (Link is an affiliate link crediting PES with the referral.)

Bob Boyce

Hydrogen Garage Store :
We sell Hydroxy Gas Boosters to save on gas and diesel.
Bob Boyce® has only licensed 2 HHO companies : Hydrogen Garage and just got CARB approval : CARB E.O. D-732 :
Soon to get 12L and 15L diesel truck engine CARB approval. They passed all their emission tests :
We can get 30% on diesel pick up trucks all of them up to 2013 , gen sets, boats.
12L and 15L diesel trucks get 10% to 24% better mileage.
30% on and carb. gas engines. Modern gas cars 20% to 25% in US cars.
– – – –
1. Amount of power enhancement it provides: Like adding a 120 octane equivalent booster!
2. Credibility of claims backed up by data: has a lot of 3rd party testing results and dyno tests. HG just has customer MPG resluts and HP, quiter running engine and cooler running by 1 or 2 degrees. We save fuel by completely he burn and the customer burns all the fuel you purchased. We are the only HHO companies who focus and can make 75% to 100% ortho hydrogen and oxygen. The static cling to carbon gas.
3. Its stage of arrival in the marketplace: Already in the Market since 4/2007, selling H2O booster kits to save gas, new products Torch/burner kit :
4. Affordable: – Sort of $600 t0 $1200
5. Ease of installation: Takes a day, but must be able to follow instructions very closely and not do it my way attitude.
6. Ease of maintenance: Just add distilled water at every gas fill up
7. It’s ability to expand globally through licensing: YES
8. Value, reliability, customer satisfaction: YES, we are only one of the few HONEST hho companies out there. We DO NOT LIE to everyone who calls.
(“If you are one of the technologies listed, an update would be appreciated. Please include:”)
• Validation: HHO customers do not give up data, due to fear of talking too much, so very few give it up. got a CARB approved EO label for cars and trucks up to 2013 cars and pickup trucks, just last Friday! June 27, 2014
• Best-selling unit: They all work well.
• Units sold so far – Since 2007 about 200 clear education sells back in 2007 till 2009, 2010 switched to only Bob Boyce® sealed series cell designs. Sold over 200 of then since 2009. Units sold in 2014 – 32 hho kits, 150 Volo Fs2’s circuits.
• % Improvement in mileage: 10% to 30% better mileage and only 5 amps – I4, 8 to 10 amps – V6, 18 amps V8, 28 to 396 amps 12L and 36 amps for 15L engines.
• Price of unit: $500 to $6,500/$10,000 – Trucker Box from
• Number of countries units shipped to: All around the world
• Customer satisfaction: – YES, if they hook it up correctly and can follow instructions to a tee, the customer will see MPG gains, if they do it their way, sometimes 0 MPG gains! The Volo FS2 circuit has to work to get gains, the last year or 2 they have a new faster hz. chip and 98% of customers are now satisfied.
I recently wrote this article : Before you buy your Hydrogen Generator
Andrew Batty (owner)
Hydrogen Garage Store 
630 Quintana Road #125 
Morro Bay, California • 93442• USA 
+1 (805) 995-4809 • (805) 772-7324 
PST (M-F) 9 to 5
About Hydrogen Garage

Welton Myers: Alternative Energy Systems

  • Freddy Wells replica coming soon? – I’m going to be interviewing the guy who got me started in all this exotic free energy stuff 12 years ago: Welton Myers. (Free Energy Blog; June 17, 2014)
    • 10 installed, beta testing
    • claims 100 – 180% improvement in mileage
    • Let them know you heard about them from PES. That can help us stay afloat from commissions.

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  1. I will be speaking on higher qualities of HHO gas at the Tesla Tech. Conf.i n NW, USA, July 31st, 2015.

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